Happy 6th Barkday to Sparky!

IMG_30064th of July always hold a special place in our hearts for it’s the day our fur-kid was born! 🙂

IMG_3012Some have commented that his appearance on this blog and on my social media channels have vastly been reduced ever since we had Bubba. All I can say is that we do not love him any less. Our hearts have just been filled with more love to go around.

IMG_3013For Sparky’s barkday, I specially got Jenn from The Snoring Dog Bistro to whip up this Cookie Heaven Barkday Cake. Sparky has long been a fan of The Snoring Dog Bistro’s Milky So Good treats and a whole lot of other treats that Jenn so lovingly makes on her own for fur-kiddos everywhere! I knew his cake would be in good hands for almost everything that Jenn has whipped up so far for Sparky, it has been polished off from his bowl within seconds.

Can’t believe how beautiful the cake actually looks! She even specially customised and handmade a Sparky figurine to be placed on top of the cake. A display case is given along with this figurine that is later used as a keepsake once the furkid finishes his cake.

IMG_3043It was kinda hard trying to get Sparky to sit still just for that second to take these pictures. As you can imagine, he was raring to sink his teeth into the cake! He couldn’t care less for any pictures. Which also explained why we didn’t manage to get any family pictures as well. One person had to calm the fur-kid. The other had to hold the actual kid and the last person? To take pictures of the entire scene.

IMG_3044This was basically the best that we could do. It took all of Sparky’s will and probably mental power to stay still enough for me to take the pictures.

IMG_3047Our littlest joined in the fun as well. We had to remind her that it wasn’t her smash cake to play and that it was her fur-bro’s one. Thankfully, Sparky has a kind streak in him and didn’t go all territorial when she touched his food. That said, we still need to be careful around them both when it comes to food.

IMG_3059Happy Barkday our dearest Sparky!!

xoxo: Daddy, Mummy & Bubba


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