Hot stuff 


Well, Bubba was literally quite the hot stuff running a fever of over 39 degrees. When we brought her to the Paed on Monday, I had been hopeful that it will fall and she will be as bright as sunshine by Wednesday. That was basically what had happened previously when she was out sick.

Unfortunately, this time round, the fever didn’t quite subside. It spiked up in the evenings and middle of the night, which I’m told is quite common.

We try not to panic.. Well, we could only do so much and besides, she’s largely active – still fighting naps and wanting to play. The only time we sense her being a little unwell is her clinginess to her caregivers after feeding her meds and wanting to rest.

Having said that, it’s daunting. I can’t help but also worry about my little girl.. Hoping that at the end of it all, it’s seriously a viral fever that only so much meds can do and her tiny body just gotta ride it out.

Hang in there my little Bubba.. Get well soon and thank God for Daddy who have been very meticulous in looking after you when Mama can’t during the day.


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