A little girlie play-date

IMG_2516Rounded up the rest of the little girls and headed to Gardens by the Bay for a play-date. It’s probably going to be one of our fave places to head to for we signed up for the Friends of the Gardens annual pass.

Before we headed into the cool Flower Dome to check out the Nursery Rhymes floral display that’s now currently on, the girls bonded over Happy Puffs and Chocolate Biscuits before eventually making their way into the Flower Dome.

IMG_2217Lovely shot of Aunty Mag‘s happy expression captured by Mama Libby. Yup, both of the Sophies’ wore matching outfits for the day. Talk about twinning.. hehe.. I also heart Bubba’s expression staring at Aunty Mag. It was actually kinda hillarious.

L1010835Here’s what really went behind the scenes – Aunty Mag limiting Bubba to just 1 Happy Puff! The girl was more interested in grabbing a handful of Ash’s snacks. Oops!

After eventually settling the girls, we finally made our way inside the Flower Dome. It was actually kinda crowded for a late Saturday morning. We had to navigate through the throngs of crowds with our 3 strollers, diaper bags and squirmy kiddos. Hmm.. only Ash sat still in her ride. The other 2 Sophies’ were more contented to run around. Also thank goodness for Sophie-Rose and Ash’s daddies who stepped in and helped to push my stroller around while I caught up with the other 2 mamas. 🙂

IMG_2218After a while, we managed to find an empty bench where we plonked all 3 of them on it. It’s nice to meet these mamas online and got to eventually know them in real life. What’s really sweet is also to witness our little girls growing up together. Between the 3 of them, they are about 2.5 months to 5.5 months apart.

Staging the shot of the 3 of them staring at the camera is no simple feat. We had a total of 5 adults trying to get their attention, calling their names and just throwing snacks at them in order to get them to look at us. Here are the out-takes, just for laughs:
IMG_2219L1010840 IMG_2149 L1010845IMG_2154Photos were taken by many iPhones as well as cameras by Mama Libby and myself. I can’t remember who took what, so I’m just going to credit Mama Mag and Mama Libby for sharing them. 🙂

IMG_2166Bubba’s current buzzword is ‘Fra-wer’ (flower), so she was thrilled to be surrounded by beautiful flowers inside the dome. With her tiny steps, she was fascinated with the flowers and attempted to pluck them. I had to stop her from doing any damage to these pretties.

We certainly had fun checking out the many floral displays while running after the tiny tots. And before heading back out into the heat, we pulled out our Tulas for a Mama/Bubba Tula shot. Love those happy colours from our fave carrier!
IMG_2182After our visit to the Flower Dome, both Ash and Bubba were knackered and fell asleep while we braved the blazing sun to check out the Water Play area at Gardens by the Bay. Only Sophie-Rose managed to cool off with some really fun water play at the toddler area. Oh well, going to head back there again to check out that area.

IMG_2174That said, I sure had fun catching up with these lovely Mamas and their little ones! Thanks for the fun catch-up, Mamas.. am looking forward to the next one already! Where shall we go next?


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