Bubba’s celebration with the family

IMG_1583 Feels like just yesterday that Bubba just turned one! Well, you know what they say about time flying by. We had deliberated about whether we should throw Bubba her very first birthday bash. The Man was all for a big party to invite friends to celebrate the little one’s big one. I was half-hearted. On the one hand, I had wanted to throw a bash for Bubba with a beautiful cake, beautiful decor, great food and beautiful pictures to boot. But on the other hand, I wondered will she ever remember all of this? Plus, it was a logistical feat trying to get everything in order. So, we decided to go for a low-key event. After all, when she’s older, I’m sure she will be demanding for a birthday bash which I probably will have to put in much more effort into planning.

So we opted for a simple do. A birthday luncheon thrown for our family members, Bubba’s godparents and our really close friends at one of our fave restaurants with great food and lovely wine to boot.

IMG_1589[Photo credit: In the Brickyard]

Fondant cakes are all the rage especially for kids birthday but they are also very expensive. Since our family get-together was for a group of under 20 and Bubba won’t probably get to eat her cake, I went for a simple yet flavourful cake from In the Brickyard. I didn’t want a chocolate one and knowing that we will probably be too full from all the food stuffed at lunch, I selected a Rose Lychee Cake with Strawberry Jam filling. Verdict? The guests loved it for it was light and not too over-powering for the bellies.

L1010650For the decor, no cartoonish looking figurines to adorn the cake. Instead, I opted for a simple floral decor with a pink and gold team which the folks at In the Brickyard kindly obliged. I also enlisted the bf@w over The Wish Craft to create toppers for the cake. The result after we placed all the toppers on the cake was simply what I had dreamed of in a cake for Bubba. Thanks for making it all look so pretty for Bubba! 🙂

IMG_1590On the decor, since we had it in a private room at the restaurant. Technically, I do not need to worry about the decor. But all kids love balloons right? And they are one of the easiest things to put together. I bought some balloons to the theme of pink, white/ silver and gold and placed the bunches of balloons around the room to add some birthday cheer.
IMG_1770A close-up shot of the decor and the beautiful cake.

Here are some shots of the little birthday girl and her very first birthday cake together with our family and friends.IMG_1773IMG_1771 And the moment that every child would love! Blowing out the candle on the cake! Of course, Bubba was surrounded by her older cousins who cheered her on as we sang Happy Birthday to her. She remained unfazed by all the attention showered upon her. When it came to blowing the candle, all her older cousins rushed in. Being the protective Mom and worried that she would get pushed aside, I to went in to rescue her. IMG_1772But she turned out to be a trooper. Tiny as she may be, she did try her best to blow out her very own birthday candle. It was such a cute sight to see.

Happy first again my darling girl! We will create more memories for you when you are older. 🙂


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