A fitting farewell at Jaan

IMG_1403 Our fave chef – Chef Julien Royer- has said goodbye to Jaan just last week. We were of course devastated but happy for him, for he has definitely built a strong following from almost scratch after joining Jaan just 4 years ago. Wow, has it been that long since we have known him? It has been amazing to see how he has grown in terms of culinary skill and we are glad to have been there on the onset.

I still remembered our first dining experience there. We were suitably impressed with our meal and the young chef then so much so we kept going back and ended becoming friends with Julien.

Of course, we couldn’t say goodbye without heading to Jaan for Chef Julien’s finale meal and it was nothing short of amazing! From the very beginning to the end. We hosted a small table for Chef Julien’s final cook-off at Jaan with a few friends and all agreed that it was a great meal.

IMG_1407Each dish was thoughtfully planned, crafted and plated by Julien and each dish showcased his culinary skills that has definitely evolved over the years. I’ll let the pictures do the talking instead for if I were to do it, almost every caption will read.. superb and amazing!

IMG_1412 I was glad I went there hungry for the portions somehow ran a little larger than what I was used to. But did I mind? No.. it will take a good 4 odd months before we get to taste Chef Julien’s dishes, so I might as well stuff my face silly. Plus in the company of good friends and fine wines, I had every excuse to let loose a little.

IMG_1414IMG_1415One of the sous vide egg dishes that Chef Julien is famed for! This was a variation that he made but it was soooo good. Egg-porn if I may add! It was sinful but worth every bite. Jamon iberico ham wrapped in a perfectly done sous-vide egg and the sugar-coating on top of this is a generous slice of black truffle lightly dusted with gold flakes. Decadent indeed.

IMG_1420Black truffles are in season in Australia so we got treated to many slices of these that I can’t even remember what’s underneath those truffles now! #mummy’sbrains!

IMG_1422IMG_1423 IMG_1426I was half expecting the mains to be his usual fare of lobster and pigeon but looked like Chef Julien did have a couple of new tricks under his sleeve and surprised us with a fish and the pigeon done with perfect redness and foie gras chips. Amazing!

IMG_1429For dessert, it was a delightful strawberry medley that hit all the right notes of sweet and tangy.

IMG_1430And to end off the extremely filling meal, we were served the petit fours which I had specially requested for! Whee!! The grapefruit popsicles with crackling candy and sea-salt caramel toffee have been off the menu for a while so I was beyond thrilled to have them probably one last time!

Thank you for one amazing meal, a fitting finale to your stunning career at Jaan! 🙂 Can’t wait to taste your food over at your new restaurant!


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