Things to do with Bubba: Imaginarium

Long weekends sans Bubba usually meant movie dates, long boozy lunches/ dinners with friends but now things have somewhat changed. Now that Bubba is a lot more active and aware of her surroundings, we decided to search for things that we could do together as a family. It’s also kinda interesting because we are now like tourists in our little red dot with a tiny tike in tow.

IMG_0818Imaginarium : A voyage of big ideas over at the Singapore Art Museum came recommended by a couple of friends and Mama Mag. The Man and I have hardly visited our local museums, but with Bubba, she was like the perfect accessory to bring us out of our comfort zone. Better still, we roped in other like-minded parents with young toddlers and made a play-date out of it. Enters Sophie-Rose with Mama Libby and Papa K over at the Little Bow Girl. Love this candid shot that Mama Libby took of the girls. Just check out Bubba’s intense expression or rather #likereal expression of reading the flyer. Hehe

Some facts about Imaginarium – well, it’s not a new exhibition…

Imaginarium is the new edition of SAM’s much-loved annual contemporary art exhibition for children, begun in 2010 and now in its fifth year. In the spirit of SG50, this year’s exhibition is inspired by the crescent moon on the Singapore flag, a symbol of a young nation on the rise with the capacity to dream big and think large. What might we be able to envision and aspire to? What worlds could we imagine for ourselves and create for others? With interactive and immersive artworks and hands-on activities at every turn, Imaginarium offers creative space where inspiration can bloom freely, and joyfully!

IMG_0719There are a total of 7 different exhibits that little ones could check out. We started off with the Imagin-a-Doodle wall artfully done up by the Band of Doodlers.

IMG_0723The wall art made for a fun backdrop where we plonked the girls to take their #ootd shots. Well, it was hard to get them looking in a shot together as you can see from the many failed and blurry shots that I took from my iPhone.

IMG_0898The family wefie fared much better and thanks to Mama Libby who played photog for the day and took a lovely shot of our little family. 🙂

IMG_0900We did make our rounds to check out majority of the installations but I felt some are more suitable for the older kids. For the younger tots, we did like the Let’s Make! Studio by artist Izziyana Suhaimi which the bubs enjoyed staring at the colourful yarn balls haphazardly stuck across the walls. Bubba tried to playfully pull off some of these yarn balls. And check out Sophie Rose’s thoughtful expression staring at the wall. How cute is that?!

IMG_0904Our fave installation or rather the girls’ fave room has gotta be the colourful Dream House by Lee JeeYoung. It’s filled with giant pieces of candy that’s fun for both the young and the old or rather the young at heart. Going into this room made me feel like I stepped inside the pages of Hansel and Gretel.
IMG_0901The gals had a blast plucking the sweet treats off the trees. Bubba even tried stuffing some of these candied bits and white rubbery bits from the tree into her tiny mouth before I screamed in horror to stop her from doing so. We had a hard time chasing after them or rather getting them to pose sweetly for a nice photo. Man, and we thought that when they were younger, it was tough. Now it’s even harder for they are off and about their feet wanting to explore their surroundings.IMG_0797IMG_0902Thank gawd for Dads who help save the day when the Bubs just have too much energy to burn off. I swear they are like little energiser bunnies!!


IMG_0819Love this shot of Bubba trying to grab hold of the sweet treats off the tree. Thanks Mama Libby for capturing this lovely shot with your camera! Such a rare shot as well without other kids running in the background.

IMG_0899We spent a good 2 hours odd at Imaginarium as a play-date with the Little Bow Family and had a fab time. At the end of it all, I think I was more tired than the Bub! Like I said, we’ve got an Energiser Bunny on our hands! Looking forward to our next play-date!

Do check out Imaginarium over at the Singapore Art Museum if you have time. Exhibition will run till 19 July 2015 and it’s a nice one to visit with young tots in tow.


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