Daddy’s gift to Sophie at 1

IMG_1436Dear Sophie,

I have thought long and hard on what to give u on your first ever birthday.. It would have to be something that u can keep for a long time and something that could help u for the rest of your life… So after much consideration, this is what I would like u to have.

I would like to teach u patience. And give u time.

Patience needs to be cultivated and I believe it’s one of the most important virtue in life. So have patience my girl, your first year old gift is already being prepared, but u will only be able to access it when u attain adulthood. Then we will have a discussion on how u would like to use it. Or if u already have a viable plan by then on how to use it, that would be perfect.

I’m sure u will be peppered with all sorts of material gifts from your grandparents, relatives and mommy and daddy’s friends. What I really want to give u as a gift is something that can’t really be bought. It’s a promise of time for us. Every year, around your birthday, Daddy will take u out on a date. I will be your father, your guardian and hopefully someday your favourite date. This offer will stand for as long as I can and as long as u want it. And maybe when u can, u will be the one that is taking me out when I can’t physically do it anymore 🙂

IMG_1390Our first daddy-daughter birthday date!

Lastly, thank u for this year, u have brought us more joy than we can ever imagine. And to many many more happy years to come.
Love u,


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