Bubba’s Smash Cake celebration

Presenting Bubba’s smash cake!! Ta-dah…

IMG_1719I finally summoned enough courage to make Bubba’s smash cake for her first birthday celebration! I did contemplate as to whether it would turn out well and thankfully the cake made the mark (ie: Sparky approved of it)! Then came the icing part! I was really worried that the icing wouldn’t make the mark but the cream cheese icing that I found online worked well. Best part? No use of sugar was used in the icing, only cream cheese, apple juice concentrate and vanilla essence to make this!

IMG_1717I thought it turned out pretty well!! Although I must add, the piped flowers could have been a little more even but not too bad for a non-baker right?

IMG_1718Here’s the glammed up shot of the smash cake! I was beyond thrilled and relieved that it was actually quite pretty! In case you are wondering, I didn’t make those toppers! Those came from my very talented pal over at The Wish Craft who made them! Drop me a mail if you are interested to have the contact.

IMG_1153Since Bubba spends most of her day with her friends in school, we decided to do a little celebration for her in school with her tiny pals. I prepared a simple goody bag for the kids made up of a snack-box, a training spoon and a teething biscuit.

L1010687 For her teachers, I got them each a cookie to thank them for looking after Bubba in the day. Her teachers are really sweet people and this is but a small gesture from us to them. 🙂

On to her smash-cake celebration at school! Here’s Bubba dressed in the ONEsie that I specially designed for her. This onesie is available exclusively on The Little Bow Company as part of the Onesie Cake Smash Kit where the recipe for Bubba’s smash cake is also included as part of the kit (in case you’re wondering)

IMG_1774Think this was the first time the teachers had seen a smash cake and they readily obliged the celebration by letting the rest of the kids join in. The school is actually quite strict about the young ones eating cake since majority of them are under 18 months. So I had to reassure the teachers that the cake that I had baked contained no sugar, no eggs and generally very healthy and wholesome. They were amazed that such a cake existed! Haha..


The kids (about 5 of them) then gathered around Bubba as we lit a single candle and sang her a birthday song. Now, time to smash cake!! It took a while for Bubba to get used to smashing it but when she finally got into the grooving of smacking the cake, she looked like she had fun. The rest of the older tots joined in too! It was around this time, the teachers panicked cos they didn’t want to wash the kids should they end up staining the clothes.

IMG_1775 As for Bubba? Her ONEsie romper sorted out majority of the mess as you can see..


We sure had a fun mini celebration. Tomorrow, we get to hog the Bub the whole day to bring her out on her special day! Let’s hope the weather holds up! Fingers crossed!!!

L1010717We also held a small birthday celebration for Bubba with the family over the weekend. Will share more pictures from that celebration. I gather this will be a week filled with Bubba’s birthday stuff.. whee..


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