Bubba’s Nom Nom journey

Now that Bubba is turning one, we aren’t too fussed with her food. Instead, we prefer to expose her to different varieties of foods and textures so that it’s easier for us to bring her out when we head out. This is also in preparation for our upcoming trip to Europe where I think we will probably be feeding her whatever we are going to be eating. Not thinking of lugging a slow-pot nor rice cooker to make her meals.

Most nights, Bubba’s dinner is made up of soft rice and a meat/fish plus vegetables. Some nights when food inspiration strikes, we make a kiddy-version of whatever we are eating.

IMG_1333The MIL made her signature Mee Hoon Kway the other evening. So I requested for her to not include salt in Bubba’s portion for the noodles as well as the soup stock which she readily obliged. Bubba’s unsalted version of broad noodles also included pork slices and spinach. I cut up the pieces and fed her.

IMG_1334Verdict? She loved it! Finished almost the entire plate of noodles which absolutely delighted the Man and the MIL. They proclaimed that she has the Man’s love for carbs. Haha!

IMG_1451Next, fresh from his recent travels to Hong Kong, the Man found some interesting cheese while checking out the supermarket so he brought these 2 packets back for Bubba.

IMG_1457Bubba’s tastebuds have somewhat changed. I realised that when she’s at home during the weekends, she doesn’t really enjoy eating her cereal anymore.

IMG_1459Well, since we only have to prepare breakfast for her on weekends, I decided that I will try to make her a simple meal. She loves her bread, avocado and cheese. So I simply put all of these together, plated it nicely for her to feed herself.

IMG_1469The face after playing with her food. Finished up the 2 cubes of cheese, nibbled on the avocado pieces and preferred to play with her bread instead of eating it. Oh well, at least I tried.

IMG_1471Since I had the other avocado left, I tried this baked avocado with egg recipe which actually turned out umami yummy! Going to try and make it again since we always end up wasting the other half of the avocado.

IMG_1576We also recently expanded her fruits repertoire from apples, pears, papaya, rock melon, watermelon and grapes to include cherries. Didn’t know if she would love it or balk at it. Turned out, she took half a cherry, popped it into her mouth and requested for more! That’s my girl! I love cherries and I couldn’t be more pleased for her to enjoy this pint-sized fruit as well. 🙂

IMG_1568With the little gal’s birthday just round the corner, I decided to be a little lax on giving her a treat. Well, up until now, she has been breastfed as well as formula fed. My sis did share that after she turns one, we can start to slowly introduce fresh milk into her feeds. To be honest, I haven’t done much research on this but I figured giving her a hot babycino shouldn’t be a big deal. So as a treat (actually it’s because we really needed our coffee), we let the little one have this babycino from Craftsmen Speciality Coffee. Well, she was more interested in chomping on the marshmallows. Yikes!

IMG_1570The Man fed her some of the warmed up babycino. She gave a face, we are not entirely sure if she liked it or not.
IMG_1574Nevertheless, it was quite cute to watch her react to warmed milk in this way and don’t you think a milk mustache on her looks absolutely adorable? Again, I’m biased. Hehe..


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