Folding ’em up

The plans that I had made for Bubba and myself kinda went awry as she was still sick, so decided to keep her home most of the weekend. It was a solo-parenting weekend but thankfully, managed to steal some time out to catch up with my ex-colleagues from Tick Tock Company (we only catch up like once a year!) and a much-needed back massage.

IMG_1109Since we were stuck indoors for a good part of the day, I managed to find some time to pack Bubba’s wardrobe while she took her morning nap. It was time to pack all her clothes from 0-12months into ziplock bags and to store them properly. Packing her tiny clothes, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. 1 year ago around this time, we were busy prepping for her arrival. We busied getting stuff ready and 1 year on, these lovely things that we got and/or received are now washed clean and packed away.

Seriously, where did all that time go?


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