IMG_0969For one day in the year, the Company will organise an annual event where we get to bring our kids to work. Actually, the work is done by my team-mates and since we are part of the same team, we do get to hang around and watch the on-going activities from the sidelines.

This year, I got to bring Bubba along. Actually, I contemplated whether I should bring her since she’s a little under the weather. But I figured, her staying at home also didn’t really matter since she was going to be climbing up and down, so decided to just bring her to work and spend some time with her. Would love for the bf@w to bring her bub too but she was working so couldn’t. Next year then! Our bubs would then be terrorising the rest of the team.

IMG_0964Man, was it exhausting keeping up with this little energiser bunny! The moment she got to the office, she warmed up with my colleagues. I put her down and off she ran exploring the office surroundings with her wobbly and drunken steps. Calendar Gurl was more concerned about her sitting and crawling on the carpet and I whipped out a cloth for her to sit on, but she was more interested to take tiny steps instead. Oh well, let’s just hope the sanitiser really worked!

IMG_0965 After all the exploring around the office, Bubba took a quick power nap and missed uncle PY who gave her an early birthday present! Next time, then! And after she woke from her power nap, Bubba had more energy to chase after my colleague’s boy (oh man, the Man should be worried about this little gal!). Well, Mama had fun with Bubba at work today. Actually, I think I’m more exhausted keeping tiny person occupied than doing work. #gettingoldforthis! But I’m still kinda looking forward to this annual event. Perhaps next year, she would be able to sit still and participate in some form of craft. Well, one can only hope and wish! 🙂


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