More long weekends please..

Hands up if you are having the worse case of Monday blues?!

Well, that’s because the weekend that had just passed us by was so good that I really want more of these weekends please. Here’s what we got round to doing:

IMG_0832The sun was out and about, so we decided to play a little dress-up with Bubba. She was in a good mood to entertain my crazy antics thankfully. The Man made us breakfast while I made breakfast for the little one and sorted out some of her meals for the weekend. Will share those recipes soon!

IMG_0835We went to check out a gym class as we are thinking of putting her in a weekend class that’s more focussed on motor skills development. Our little pal was more interested in walking around then paying attention in class. But it wasn’t too bad, she was completely knackered after the class. We also went for her weekly music class which it’s actually quite nice and cosy because of a few mamas and kiddos that I already know from before.

IMG_0836The weekend also saw us bringing Bubba out for her walks in her new ride which she happened to enjoy with Sparky. I think these two look kinda cute together!

IMG_0567Well, the weekend was not just about Bubba. I managed to steal some time away while she took her nap to give my nails a nice buff! Yay to that and oh, I even got some quick shopping done on-the-go. Not bad!

IMG_0837And rounding up the lovely weekend, the Man cooked a decadent dinner for us. This time, he tried out some new recipes which are definitely here to stay. 🙂

Hope your long weekend break was just as amazing as ours. Now, I need to brace myself for the 4-day work week ahead. Breathe!


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