Checking out: Slake

IMG_7346We love our hood and think that it probably will take mountains for us to move out of the hood. Recently, we found that several new places (well, not that new anymore) have sprung up. And the best part? They are within walking distance from where we live making it a quick drop-in when we run out of places to head to on date-night.

One such gem-of-a-find is Slake. They took over the premises of Big Sheila and turned it into a cosy little establishment whose focus is on wholesome food. Concept-wise, I thought they operated pretty much like a tapas-styled restaurant. This was what I found:

Influence for the food comes mainly from elements of Peranakan and Vietnamese cuisines, brought together in exciting new ways, to present minimalist but highly original dishes that still retain a sense of familiarity to their roots.

Slow cooking and caramelization techniques are heavily used by the kitchen to bring out these unique tastes and textures.

We were famished or rather the Man was hungry so he ordered up a storm. This was what we had:

IMG_7349A daily house special of Wings served with Blue Cheese sauce. I think one can hardly go wrong with Chicken Wings which were crispy.

IMG_7350Togarashi Pearl Corn – been wanting to make this at home. Grilled corn with a dash of cayenne pepper served with it, but somehow the recipe I found online didn’t quite work with our oven. So this was a nice filler.

IMG_7352 Stuffed Squid – am a lover of all things squid so that Man ordered this for me.  Loved the charred bits of the squid.

IMG_7354Barbecue Pork Ribs. Man, this was good! The meat fell off the bone and were soft to the bite. Would most certainly order this again if we were to revisit.

IMG_7358After having all of the above plus this Chilli Crab Rilettes (not particularly enjoyable), the Man still wanted something else! So he ordered this Angus Beef Steak which was done a little different from the usual steaks. This was a little softer to the bite. Now, we were really full which was a bummer cos the desserts looked really good. Gotta come back again for those Beef Rendang Nachos!

Will do a better job on the review the next time round!

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