Bubba at Infant Care


It’s been almost 3.5 months since we put Bubba into Infant Care. So, how did she fare?

IMG_7177It does look like she is settling well in school. Well, it’s not exactly school, school. She’s playing almost all the time in school with her little friends. I love how ‘kampung’ the school is as well. We often bump into our nephews, my sister and brother-in-law and sometimes my parents too. As you can see, her cousins dote on her loads and often pop in to check out her with some big smiles and hugs for her!

While there isn’t a CCTV facility for us parents to log in and keep tabs of how the little ones are doing. The difference about putting Bubba at home and in school is that the MIL would send us photo updates of what she does and while the teachers don’t text us at all, I’m comforted by the fact that we get photo updates from the teachers on what they do in school via a password-protected photo-sharing site. Afterall, a friend did share that you would want the teachers to be paying attention to your kids instead of spending time texting you. Well, there is truth in that.

IMG_8271We do love that there is some kind of structure in her playgroup. There’s of course the standard meals, bath-times and naps. Since Bubba’s nick is Baby No Sleep, she gets a nap once a day. If we are lucky, two naps for the day. For the rest of the day, her teachers will plan fun activities for the kids to do. From playground to creative play, it does look like Bubba had fun with her little pals in school. I also like that she gets to hang out with the slightly older kids in the school and play with them when it comes to playground time. Bubba’s teachers have shared that Bubba loves crawling around to explore the surroundings and picking up of the leaves. Just check out how dirty her pants are from all that crawling! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Haha..

IMG_8272Apart from going to the playground, we also appreciate that the teachers come up with fun ideas such as creative play to keep their young minds sufficiently occupied and stimulated for the day. It’s always a riot to see them interacting with one another and its actually kinda nice to see these babies grow together.

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