Weekend musings

IMG_0170The weekend just went by in a flash… still can’t quite believe it. But it was quite a fulfilling one. Spent time with the bub, spent time with our friends, had a massage and even managed to squeeze in a spot of shopping at my fave Club21 stores ahead of the sale and scored new clothes and a yummy cross-body bag! So, yup, I shouldn’t complain!

IMG_0171Bubba has learnt how to pull her bows off! Guess who was devastated!? Why, me of course! I bought so many bows for her and now I don’t know what to do with them! Argh! I kinda am waiting for her hair to grow a little before we can start experimenting little ponytails. So for now, her little ootd will have to be just her outfit and this pair of soft-sole sports shoes that she will put on now that she started taking little steps.

Side-note: Hard to get her to sit still to take these shots. It often involves some kind of ‘bribing’ which comes in the form of food.

Got a super packed work-week this week and then I can finally look forward to the 4day work-week ahead. Just gotta hang.in.there this week.. I know I can do it… Oohza!


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