Letter to Sophie x 11

IMG_9357Dear Bubba,

Sheesh.. where did all the time go? Just another month to go before you turn one and graduate from baby to a toddler. How did my teeny tiny baby girl grow into this bright-eyed cutie who’s eager to scoot off and explore her surroundings?


At 11 months, here are some of your milestones:


  • You can now stand up on your own without any assistance. You’ve also started to walk! We didn’t believe it when your teachers shared that you could walk 10 steps on your end. 10 steps? That’s a lot! But we saw with our very own eyes the other day in music class, you taking 5-6 steps on your end before falling on your butt with glee. Still can’t quite believe that you are now taking baby steps and walking… slow down baby girl, slow down a little..


  • You are definitely more playful and aware of your surroundings. You know that after your dinner/ bath, it would be time for you to play. You will point to your toys and kick your little legs to signal to us that you want to be free to play with your toys. You obviously find it fun to push, throw and knock everything down. You are able to give a toy to me when I request for one or to look for your Fifi doll when I asked you where she is. You are definitely at a fun stage and I simply love the interaction I have with. Peek-a-boo is still our fave game to play.


  • You are able to pick out your fave book for me to read you a story at bedtime. We also found out recently that you could mimic the sound of a lion when you lifted the flap in your Dear Zoo boardbook. It’s hilarious to watch you do this over and over again but I don’t think we will get bored of this.


  • I like to think that we are still your fave people in the whole wide world! When you spot either Mama or Dada from afar, you will let out a happy squeal and point excitedly to us. You don’t know how happy that makes us feel.

IMG_9339Don’t be in a hurry to grow up too quick my darling Bubba. Slow down a little so that Mama can enjoy your baby-hood more!

Love you to the moon and back: xoxo Mama

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