Experimenting Western meals for Bubba

The Man whipped up a simple meal for us last weekend and I asked for him to do up a baby version for Bubba (minus salt and introducing her to different herbs into her foods).

This is what the Man did for Bubba:
IMG_9639An oven-baked chicken chop (we got a hormone free-range chicken chop from the local butcher) lightly dusted with fresh chopped Parsley and dried Oregano. The Man baked the chicken with some extra virgin Olive Oil in a pre-heated oven of 210degrees Celcius for about 20 minutes. As for the sweet potatoes, I got some Honey Sweet Potatoes which he parboiled first before popping them into the oven along with the chicken.

IMG_9643I cut up the chicken and the sweet potatoes into pieces for Bubba to feed herself. The chunks are quite large but manageable for the Missy who popped these pieces into her mouth rather quickly – a sign that she enjoyed her food. IMG_9648We haven’t quite trained her to spoon-feed herself yet despite her knowing how to hold a spoon and pushing the food into her mouth. I guess we aren’t particularly fussed with that training at this point in time so we are pretty happy for her to use her hands to explore feeding herself the chickent pieces and sweet potatoes.

IMG_9649Bubba’s first home-cooked Western meal which she thoroughly enjoyed. Am now looking for more interesting dishes that we can adapt the adult versions and whip up for her. Any recommendations? Some Mama friends have shared that we could marinate the meats using fruit juices and yogurt. Sounds quite exciting right?


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