Hair-cut for Bubba

I don’t have the courage to cut Bubba’s hair by myself or rather, I don’t want to subject her to a horrendous cut in the event that my hands shake too much or I can’t quite gauge what’s short enough. So I decided to leave it to the pros. The only gripe I have with this is that haircuts for tiny people don’t come cheap!

Bubba’s first haircut was at this kids salon over at Parkway Parade when she was about 3 months old. As her hair was growing funnily, I decided to have it trimmed. Walked out of the salon feeling $24 poorer and wondering ‘Wow, did I really pay $24 for that?‘ Thankfully, the cut was done quite well and her hair grew out nicely.

Her next haircut was close to the Chinese New Year period. My mom used to make us cut our hair before the Lunar New Year period and that became a tradition that stuck by us when we grew up, something to do with away with the bad luck and to welcome the new year with a new do. Decided to trim Bubba’s fringe a little to keep up with this tradition. Popped in to a salon over at Forum and walked out a happy camper because they only charged us $5 for trimming her fringe. I decided, WOW! Probably one of the cheapest cuts I will ever pay for Bubba.

Then came this! I researched online for another kids salon and Scissors Paper Stone popped out. Recalled vividly that my brother-in-law send my nephews there for their haircuts. I decided to check out the outlet in Forum that’s conveniently located next to Toys’ R Us as I had to go town to run an errand.

IMG_9251Oh-kay, before we go on any further, here’s the price that you will be expected to pay regardless of how much / little your child’s haircut is. So make it worth your child’s while for the haircut.

IMG_9253The little corner is set up pretty nicely with balloons, gadgets and sweets to distract your child while the stylist tries to cut their hair. As Bubba is still quite tiny, she had to sit on my lap while I hold on to her when it was time for her to hair cut.

IMG_9392Here are the action shots. Bubba’s fringe is quite long and her teacher in school as well my parents have been bugging us to have it trimmed. Must add that the stylist was swift in cutting Bubba’s hair and you know how quick these babies are, so she was fast and nimble whenever Bubba made a move. IMG_9261The whole process was relatively fuss-free as well. I had to register Bubba’s details into the system as it was our first time there. There will be a ticket with the queue number dispensed once you have registered the details successfully. We wait for our turn, get Bubba’s hair cut and we’re out of the place with a cheery balloon in tow.

IMG_9276Here’s the little Missy with her new do. What do you think? I’m kinda missing her longer, messy, almost poking her eyes fringe. Just have to wait for it to grow then!


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