Staying at Crown Perth

IMG_9083We stayed at Crown Burswood in Perth for our family holiday. To be honest, I didn’t do much research on where to stay in Perth. I’ve heard that the city can get pretty quiet when night falls, so staying at Crown would probably be ideal given that the casino operates 24/7.

Another plus-point for staying at Crown is probably the restaurants that they have within their vicinity. Well, if you are not up for fine dining, there are a couple of casual eateries which we didn’t try but I saw within walking distance from the hotel as well as good old trusty Mac Donalds and Subway.

We ate very well for dinner the 3 nights that we stayed in Perth. The first was at Nobu.

IMG_9555The second night, we booked ourselves a hearty steak dinner at the swanky Rockpool Bar and Grill. Again, we were pleasantly surprised at how baby/ child-friendly the establishments were. They accommodated by giving us a corner at a quiet area of the restaurant (just in case, Bubba makes too much noise and disturb the rest of the diners). We managed to order 2 starters, a huge slab of steak and 1 order of sides plus a bottle of vino. IMG_9554We kept the little one occupied with bread rolls initially. She didn’t quite enjoy the bottled food that we have prepared for her and was fussing a little until we asked our server if they could give her some fruit to chew on. Out came this platter of apples thoughtfully sliced by the kitchen staff. That managed to keep Bubba occupied for a while longer before she decided that it was more fun throwing it on the floor.

IMG_9557That signalled the end of our superb meal where our tummies were filled to the brim because of the large portions. Didn’t even have space of desserts. Bummer!

IMG_8716For the last night that we were in Perth, we had a hard time deciding if we should head back to Rockpool or Nobu. Both were equally good but we figured that it would be hard to stomach steak for two consecutive nights so Nobu it was. Plus, there were so many other dishes that I had wanted to try in Nobu, so it made sense for us to head back.

IMG_9553The edamame done up in tempura style was seriously da bomb! The deep-fried oysters with filo pastry and served with wasabi mayo plus caviar was extremely sinful but worth the bite.

I have to add that service in Nobu was top-notch. We found a piece of bone in the sashimi and left it as that. In fact, we didn’t even bat an eyelid but just wanted to pass on the information over. That caused quite a stir in the kitchen and we had the Restaurant Manager coming to our table to apologise for this. Was quite impressed by the gesture.


As for getting around the city from Crown, was it convenient? Well, we didn’t rent a car to drive around the city for the Man didn’t want to be bogged down by the parking. So we relied on public transport when we were in the city. For days when we wanted to get to specific places, we simply cabbed or used the Uber App to get us a car. Public transportation within the city is convenient as well, so we took the train as well as the buses to get us to tourist spots such as Fremantle Market (pictured above). By the way, the market is kinda small, it took as all of 15 minutes to get through the market. Talk about efficiency.

IMG_9081That’s about all we have on Crown Burswood in Perth. I think I have one more post on Perth and we are done with our travels for down under. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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