Bubba’s food journey at 10.5 months and introducing corn

Bubba is now on to 3 meals, a snack and about 5 milk feeds for a day. She gets fed pretty well in school and we try to introduce her the concept of dinner when she heads home in preparation of toddlerhood where food will form a larger part of her day instead of milk.

She gets fed porridge for lunch and for dinner, I often either feed her porridge, rice or pasta along with some lean pork/ fish (threadfin) and 1-2 servings of vegetables (ranging from broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach and kale). Depending on her mood for the evening, she either eats the food we prepare or protest by whining.

IMG_9176It was a good evening. My MIL had prepared ABC soup (Potato, Carrots, Corn, Onions and Pork) and scooped a portion without any salt for Bubba. We fed her the soup along with rice and she enjoyed what was given to her. She finished about 2 tablespoons of rice happily without any fuss.

IMG_9180Thereafter, in a bid to make her sit quietly in her high chair, we gave her some corn to play with. She’s been fed corn before in school, so this is not new to her. But they usually feed her corn puree so holding a piece of corn and eating it this way could be a new concept for her.

IMG_9184She eyed the corn cautiously, before putting it into her mouth and gnawed at it.

I love corn and I’m glad that she enjoys gnawing at it too. But the thing about corn is that while it contains a good amount of protein and carbohydrates – making it a great food for energy, it lacks in many other nutrients. A friend shared that eating corn is like wasting calories. I did some research and here’s what I found:

During the first year of baby’s life, it is very important that baby receive all the nutrients possible. Corn is comprised mostly of starchy carbs and is considered an “empty” calorie food for the most part. Waiting to introduce corn in favor of a more nutrient dense food may be a better option. Corn really has very little nutritive value and I think it’s best to leave it for later.

Yet another reason to hold off on corn is that it is particularly difficult to digest and as we all know, it tends to pass through the system in the same form that it went into the system.

[Credit: Wholesome Baby Food, Momtastic]

IMG_9186Again, as parents, you make the call what kinds of foods that’s best for your child. For us, it’s not like she will be eating corn for all her meals, so we let her have it to introduce different flavours/ textures for her meals. That said, it also makes for a great and fun teething device since we highly suspect that she’s teething again.


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