Bubba’s Playtime

Shopping for babies/ kids toys can be quite mind-boggling. With so much variety out there, it can be quite challenging to navigate the different brands/types of toys that are suitable for your child.

Thank goodness for Mama friends (you should check out what Mama Libby has done to Sophie-Rose’s nursery and play area) who shared some of their fave toys for their young ones. Here are some of Bubba’s fave toys at the moment to encourage her to play while hopefully learning and picking up some developmental skills at the same time at home.

IMG_8383Toys from Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre remains top of my fave places to go shop for toys. Love that their toys have an element of educational fun that also help develop vital skills for children.

IMG_4205They do have promotions occasionally so when that happens, I find myself carting more stuff for Bubba as well as loved ones. When Bubba was younger, we got her this discovery ball pit where she enjoyed chewing on the balls and tossing them around. She outgrew this a couple of months later but it was fun for a while when she wasn’t all that active and could sit/ roll around in the soft ball pit.

IMG_8384Now in order to keep her short attention going, we have to find ways and means to keep her occupied. This wooden activity table is quite an interesting one that I scored on a 40% discount at ELC. It’s meant for toddlers 12 months and above. Thought since Bubba is about to hit 12 months soon, I might as well get this for her to fiddle around with.

IMG_8387We place this in our room to keep her occupied when we need time to hit the shower or to get ready for work. She loves messing up the movable parts of the spinning cogs with her little hands as well as grabbing the wooden fishes to put them into her mouth. I guess it will take a while before she starts playing with the shape sorter but some days I find her fiddling with the metal bead maze which means she’s curious about getting the bead from one end to the next.

IMG_8397My only gripe about this toy is that it’s quite lightweight and can be toppled over rather easily. There was once Bubba was trying to get a grip on the table and to my horror, the table almost fell on her instead. Now that she is a little more confident on standing on her own, we place this activity table next to a wall / door so that there’s more stability.

IMG_6743Pardon the diaper-clad Bubba but one of the toys that I picked up at ELC was this Xylo-Piano that Bubba loves banging her little fingers or jamming the beaters on the xylophone like a musical maniac to her faithful audience of one (ie: Sparky). I’m hoping this musical device will come to good use when she starts developing an ear for music.


IMG_8399This was a cool walker toy that had a retro-vintage vibe to it. Again, recommended by Mama Libby, I went to check it out and couldn’t help carting it out from Amazon. When it arrived, I was so excited to rip out the packaging. The Man wasn’t around and I ended up assembling this toy together with my helper for Bubba. #achievementunlocked!

IMG_5629When Bubba was much younger, this toy was like a cart where we placed her inside and pushed her around for fun. It also made for a fun photo-opp when she could sit rather still in the cart and we got Sparky round to take photos of them both.

IMG_8401Things have of course changed now that Bubba is all eager to explore walking. She has since learned how to push the Radio Flyer around the living room. There’s quite a lot of debate on whether the traditional walker toys are necessary. I’m not going to go that way, but I really love this Radio Flyer for the wagon has a “resist push” feature that’s great for little walkers. My MIL was initially all worried about Bubba falling flat on her face if she walks too fast while pushing the Radio Flyer. But because of this resist push feature, it doesn’t happen this way.

Last but not least, I totally dig the design of this toy. It doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in our living room and it’s nicely tucked in a corner where we can then pull out rather easily when Bubba is interested to ‘burn off some energy’.

Electronic Activity Table and Walker Toys from Fisher Price and Leap Frog

IMG_9419These toys were gifted by my Mom and friends (Jennimon and Peggimom). The walker toys are placed in Bubba’s playroom simply because it’s a confined space for her to explore walking. We don’t let her practice walking on these devices unsupervised for they don’t have the “resist push” feature. The Lion walker from Fisher Price was one of her fave toys which she would fiddle around with until I took out the Leap Frog one which she loves pushing the buttons to listen to the rhymes. We rotate these toys occasionally so that she will not get bored of playing with them.

IMG_6403This other electronic Activity Table from Fisher Price is also one of Bubba’s fave. She loves exploring the different features on the table and can bob to the rhythm when the catchy tunes come on. She also loves picking the telephone and can gesture to ‘Hello’ when we ask her to do so.

So there you have.. some of Bubba’s fave toys which have a good mix of electronic toys and traditional ones. We do have more toys in her playroom of course and a couple more stashed for a rainy day as a treat for her in future. Do you have any toys that are among your favourite for babies/ toddlers to share? If yes, please send them along our way for us to check them out.

Oh and I’m on the hunt for a kitchen toy for Bubba as well. I guess it will be a while before she can play-pretend cooking but doesn’t hurt to start looking around right? Currently, lusting after this Red Vintage Kitchen set from KidKraft after seeing Sophie-Rose’s Pink one. The Lavender Retro Kitchen and Fridge set is also major love at this point in time too. Arh…

Next up, will share some of Bubba’s fave bedtime reads. I’m surprised she actually does pay attention to story-time. 🙂


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