My first Mother’s Day

The Man… didn’t quite understand the fuss that I have over Mother’s Day. Like I said previously, it’s my first and I just want it to be a special memory to behold. It was a special one indeed.. among the joys, there was an emotional story behind it as well. But looking back, it was all very memorable indeed.

IMG_9217First up, on Friday night, just as Bubba was about to drift off to slumberland, the Man grabbed Bubba from me and tried to put her to sleep. Lo and behold, literally behind my back, he used her little hand and got her to write the word Mama on this special Mother’s Day card that they both got during our recent Perth trip.

IMG_9219Look at this cheeky face trying to give me my card. Aww.. so much love for this little gal.

IMG_9220Thank you for choosing me to be your Mama… wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

IMG_9269We celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom as well as my MIL before rounding up the weekend with a big dinner celebrating Mother’s Day as well as my sister and nephew’s birthdays.

IMG_9280Well, the Man was fair too! All us Mamas got a lovely bouquet of flowers to commemorate the occasion. 🙂

That’s it for Mother Day’s 2015… hope you had a splendid time spending with your Mamas and your little ones too!


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