Happy Mother’s Day


Life has been quite a huge change for me ever since I became a mother to my little Bubba. Words can’t quite describe how that feeling is but I feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see my little girl growing. Of course, this didn’t come naturally. I remember vividly the first few days of Motherhood where I crumbled and cried wondering if I could do this. Then my Mom told me, motherhood doesn’t come quite naturally. You just learn to be a mother along the way. Lessons learned from my very own Mom.

So for my first Mother’s Day, I don’t expect Bubba to be giving me anything for she still has yet to even grasp the concept of special occasions like birthdays and festive occasions. We will have that when she’s older. But for now, I really just want to relish the moment , carry my little doll proudly and gush happily like a little kid in a candy store that ‘I’m a Mama’. That’s all.


To my Mama friends, my sister and of course, my dear Mummy, wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy this most special day with your little/ loved ones.


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