Wineries -hopping at Margaret River

Wineries and vineyards are a-plenty at Margaret River but gone are the days where we would just pop into all the vineyards at first sight. Maybe it’s age. So this trip, these are some of the vineyards that we stopped at:

Voyager Estate

IMG_9133This came highly recommended by my cousin (who doesn’t drink) but shared that the rose garden on the estate grounds is truly beautiful. And she was right. This was our first stop after driving for almost 3 hours to Margaret River. Having cooped up for the car-ride, Bubba was just glad to be out in the open and crawl around on the grass. She’s into picking up leaves and putting them into her mouth, so we got to be quick to stop her from doing so!

Having skipped lunch, I booked for us to have tea. The booking quite quick and fast online but my regret was that I didn’t read the email confirmation properly and didn’t proceed to book the Afternoon Tea set that required 24 hours to pre-order. The Man rolled his eyes at me.

IMG_8785We did have the Cheese Platter as well as these lovely Scones served with fresh clotted cream. The scones were really good, buttery and fluffy, I let Bubba try some of these and she nibbled on them for a bit.


IMG_9134We also served her those crackers which she loved even more to keep her occupied while we ate our food and sipped on this gorgeous bottle of golden white wine that the Man had ordered. I miss our drinking days. These days, drinking is measured because of Bubba. But our little girl is picking up our habits. When we placed a glass of wine and her milk bottle on the table, guess which one her little went for? That made the father very pleased indeed.

IMG_8793After our lovely tea and one where she charmed the socks off the servers, we took a leisurely walk around the Estate gardens again. The weather was great… cool air with warm sunshine, we threw Bubba up in the air and she chuckled heartily as we held her tight when she fell.

Vasse Felix

IMG_8844The Man booked us lunch at Vasse Felix but unfortunately, the day that we went, the weather was horrid. It was wet and gloomy. What kinda marred our lunch further was the flies that were buzzing around our table. Some even made its way into the wine glass, so we weren’t particularly impressed.

IMG_9146How did the meal fare? Well, I was a little disappointed with the food offerings. The description on the menu sounded so much better than what we actually was served. I’m not a food critic but we’ve been to restaurants in vineyards before and I have always enjoyed most of the meals whipped up in the kitchens. This sadly wasn’t what I really enjoyed. The Man felt the same way too.

IMG_8846Luckily for us, the weather did clear up a bit and we went outside to take 2 pictures before it started to drizzle again. Weather in Margaret River can get quite crazy. It can rain like buckets and then, you’ll get the sun for abit before the rain comes in again.

Aravina Estate
We stumbled upon the Aravina Estate by chance while driving around Yallingup. What probably caught my eye was the sports car collection that the owner had. So I asked the Man to stop for a bit while we took turns to visit the place quickly since Bubba was fast asleep. I had wanted to try the wines but the place was kinda crowded so I zipped into the Sports Car museum instead to oogle at the Sports Car collection. If you do have some time in Margaret River, this is a lovely place to just stop and spend some time. Oh and if you do try the wine, do let me know if it’s any good too!

Leeuwin Estate IMG_9151

One of the founding wineries of Margaret River, Leeuwin Estate was the top of the list to visit and came recommended by many friends. It was quite difficult to score a reservation as well for some strange reason given that the period we were going didn’t quite seem like the peak period. Oh well, nevertheless, did manage to score a reservation for lunch on the eve of our departure.

IMG_9152 They had a degustation menu, so we ordered that. The fresh oysters were good as was the Taleggio, Jerusalem Artichokes and Muscatels. This was a 6-course meal, one where we opened a lovely bottle of wine to accompany the meal. If you are wondering how did Bubba do while we wined and dined? Well, she did sit pretty still munching on the bread pieces available for a bit. After that, she was raring to be carried. Check out grumpy face shot.

IMG_9153After a hearty lunch, we took a walk around the Estate. Even though it had a rained a few hours before, the grass was felt dry enough for us to put Bubba down and let her crawl around for a bit. Yes, and the thing that fascinates her on the ground is the dried up leaves which she picks up excitedly and shows it off to us like some kind of a treasure.

OT but love this Kenzo baby onesie that I scored for her on sale. It was a little splurge and I waited patiently for the day she could fit it. Of course, it was precious to me. Unfortunately, it’s now stained with tomato sauce cos Missy here grabbed her spoon as the Man fed her dinner and despite me scrubbing the outfit, the stains won’t go away. Bummer!

IMG_9154The backdrop of the still growing vineyard and the blue/grey skies made for a nice backdrop so the Man threw Bubba up in the end while I snapped happily away.

IMG_9155And yes, the infamous jumping shot is made possible as Bubba explores the ground while I jump and try not to kick her with my foot. While it does look kinda cheesy but I’m digging the Mom-and-Bubba matching outfits. Afterall, you can only do this when they are younger before they develop any fashion sense of their own and then cringe at your choices of outfits. So I might as well capitalise the time I have now before this girl protests in future. Hehe..

IMG_9061To round up, it is possible to go vine-yard hopping with a baby in tow. Granted, we can’t get crazy drunk like before, but drinking at a leisurely pace with someone to keep us on our toes is pretty fun too.

PS: No baby was harmed in these posed shots of her with either a wine glass or wine bottle. So please don’t report us to the authorities..

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