Checking out cafes/ bakeries plus some tips for Margaret River

Fresh from our holiday travels and still raving about Perth / Margaret River, some friends/ readers have asked to share what we did on our family holiday. Well, I wasn’t one of those hardworking Moms to plan an itinerary. But thought I’d share where we stayed and ate around Margaret River if you are interested to know.

Slept at Margarets Forrest Holiday Appartment:

This was a lovely apartment recommended by Mama S who went to Margaret River recently with her family. I booked it after checking out the reviews on Trip Advisor and was quite comfortable with the ratings. We checked straight in to the apartment after 3 hour odd drive from the city and was pleasantly surprised by the complimentary upgrade to a 2-bedroom apartment given by the management.

Layout wise, it was clean and rather spacious. The fittings look a tad bit worn but overall, it doesn’t look that bad. The kitchen facilities were a nice touch as we could whip up a light dinner and breakfast at the apartment.

Location wise. We couldn’t really ask for more. IGA, Coles Supermarket, Target Country was within walking distance to where we were located. There were also several small cafes and restaurants around the vicinity that made it so easy to go look for coffee and food when hunger struck.

Drank coffee at Brewers Shack:

IMG_8830One morning while we took a walk to check out the hood, we stumbled upon a tiny coffee joint that looked pretty cool from the outside. So we headed inside and ordered up a cuppa of coffee to start the day with.

IMG_8831They have quite interesting brews there too. Even though it was Autumn and I usually shun away from cold drinks in the morning, I decided to try out the cold coffee brew that had a mix of coconut water, cocoa, espresso and milk for it sounded really interesting. Thank goodness, this strange concoction didn’t taste all that bad.

IMG_8908Had breakfast at Margaret River Bakery

Calendar Gurl highly recommended that I check out Margaret River Bakery and since it was a stone’s throw away from where we stayed, we rocked up the place kinda bright and early on Monday morning. Was pretty surprised at the crowd and how almost 50% of the clientele are Asians. Interesting titbit for the day. IMG_8909The place was rather small and indoor seating was rather limited. We settled for a small table outside and despite it being a little chilly in the morning, I was secretly glad that there were giant heaters placed strategically to keep the diners warm for a bit.

IMG_8915I knew that we were going to be in for a huge meal later at lunch, so I opted to share breakfast with the Man. They had pancakes for kiddos under 12 as well and I decided to order that for Bubba with me telling the Man to remind the servers to leave the maple syrup at the side for Bubba. Order came right.. maple syrup was indeed by the side. Didn’t expect the icing sugar to be sprinkled so liberally on the mini pancakes. I had to dust them aside before giving it some to Bubba for her breakfast. In case you are wondering, nope, she didn’t finish all of those. She managed to finish a piece on her own, I accidentally dropped one on the floor and the Man and I each had one.

IMG_8914 Our French Toast with an added serving of scrambled eggs was quite a pretty sight to behold. It was a spin-off the classic French Toast and rosemary was thrown into the mix to give the usual sugary French Toast a savoury flavour instead. The nicely charred bacon along the somewhat melted parmesan cheese were the perfect accompaniment to the toast. This breakfast definitely added a couple more inches to my waistline. Arh… I had to stop myself from stuffing my face silly but the Man kept egging me on because he ordered a serving of croissant together with everything else. #facepalm!

Had dinner at La Scarpetta Trattoria:

IMG_9062Would like to stress that our apartment location was quite perfect for there were many restaurants close-by within walking distance. On our last night at Margaret River, we finally made it to this cosy Italian joint that came highly recommended by the staff at Margarets Forrest. Didn’t manage to take too many pictures for lighting was poor, but thankfully, that was the only thing that was bad. Food-wise, it was wholesome and very home-styled Italian cuisine. The menu changes on a daily basis so be surprised with what the kitchen has to whip up for the very day.

Missed checking out Morries (which is supposedly a really good tapas place) and Miki’s Open Kitchen (ranked #1 on Best Restaurant on Trip Advisor) because for the former, we missed a turn and accidentally ended up in another tapas restaurant and for the latter, reservations were full and they were closed on Sunday and Monday.

Hope this little list would come in handy for you if you are travelling to Margaret River with a young child.

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