Cafe-hopping in Perth with Bubba: Sixteen Ounces

Lovely coffee joint that I stumbled upon online that’s near the hood, so before setting off to Margaret River, we decided to load up on a cuppa for breakfast.

IMG_8747 The Bub after her morning breakie of cereal and cheese. She managed to sit in this high-chair for a bit playing with the gluten-free bread we ordered for her while we ate our food.


Little hand wanting to grab a sip of my morning Skinny Latte. Soon my dear, babycinno for you coming up!

IMG_8752 IMG_8754

Lighting here is quite poor so the pictures I took look sad. We didn’t think the food was any great. Portion wise, it’s manageable and can be easily finished by one. The Man had the omelette with grilled haloumi (our new fave cheese) and I had this baked eggs with potatoes and chirozo.

This place is a little larger than Harvest Espresso and again extremely baby-friendly! Come for the coffee!

We are now in Margaret River with limited wifi access so will try to update where possible!

Sixteen Ounces
Address: 6100, 257 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100, Australia


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