A rare choco treat

IMG_8850Z who recently visited Perth/ Margaret River shared some of her must-go places with me. So we checked out Gabriel Chocolate on our trip. It’s a small artisanal chocolate place unlike the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.


Upon arrival, we were given a short briefing about the different types of cocoa beans that Gabriel Chocolate sources to make its chocolate.

IMG_8852As a super rare treat for Bubba, we decided to give her her very first taste of chocolate. Might as well expose to the good stuff rather than the commercial ones.

She took the chocolate bit from the Man’s hand and then put the piece into her mouth. Seconds later, her face lit up as the choc melted into a gooey mess inside her little mouth and left her with a happy smile. Check it out!

IMG_8854-0That’s about all the chocolate you will get for now, Baby Girl! When you are much older, then let’s talk about increasing the quota!


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