Snacking on cheese! 


Mama friends have shared some of the brands of cheese that they have been giving their babies/ toddlers. Bega Cheese came recommended for being 100% natural. I tried looking for it in Singapore but couldn’t find it. Imagine my somewhat happiness when I found it in the aisle of the cheese section at Woolworths here in Perth. Popped a pack to let Bubba try.

IMG_8734Love the packaging for its compact and easy to bring out.

IMG_8735Bubba took a bite of the cheese cautiously and then decided she quite liked it. So she proceeded to nibble on it more.

Well, before leaving a trail of cheese crumbs on the bed. I don’t usually let her eat on the bed but we are checking out and I figured it’s probably cleaner than letting her crawl around the room.

I’m tempted to let her try yogurt again for its seems so natural and fresh here. But not sure what brands I should check out. What would u recommend?


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