Cafe-hopping with Bubba in Perth: Harvest Espresso

IMG_8666-0Calendar Gal plus another friend recommended Harvest Espresso for breakfast. It was pretty close to our hotel except that it wasn’t exactly accessible easily via public transport. Because it was kind of a logistical challenge, we decided to cab there.

Upon arrival, I was surprised at its size. It was tiny! The hole-in-the-wall sort of cafe that I would avoid with Bubba in tow. But since we already made our way there, we decided to brave it. The server who saw us actually didn’t turn us away. In fact, despite the size of the cafe, there were 2 baby-chairs tucked away in the corner which meant that tiny people are welcomed here.


The place was full but we waited about 10-15 minutes before we got a tiny table which originally could not fit the baby chair. Once the table beside us freed up, the server joined the tables and gave us a baby chair.

IMG_8679 Matcha Latte with a serving of Espresso was quite the bomb! Interesting..

IMG_8682Food wise? It was lovely and the portions were huge!! I had the squid with chicken pate and chicken liver sausage served on a sourdough toast.

IMG_8684The Man had this roasted cauliflower dish with eggs and  rice crisps. Boy, not only was it huge but it was tasty as well for a solely vegetarian dish.

IMG_8685Since we arrived in Perth, Bubba’s meals have been interrupted. She hasn’t been taking to her cereals well but thankfully still loves her bread and fruits. I also try not to overfeed her with biscuits for I’m worried that she may get a sore throat. So I try to look for alternatives at cafés/ restaurants that we dine at. Thank goodness for avocado served at Harvest Espresso which Bubba finished almost half on her own.

IMG_8663After her meal, she proceeded to take a huge dump which stained her pretty outfit for the day. Well, we rushed off to do a spot of shopping and from a girly outfit, it became a casual chic one!

IMG_8699-0Am having a lovely time here with the Man and Bubba, heading to Margaret River tomorrow and staying for 3 days before heading back to Singers where a huge pile of work awaits. Yikes! Shall try not to think about it and enjoy the present!


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