Dining with Bubba in Perth: Nobu

Our friends recommended that we stay at the Crown Burswood for it has almost all the good restaurants under the same roof. So we did just that. It’s a little further from the city centre but having to just dine in restaurants a stone’s throw away from our hotel room kinda makes up for it.

Our first night in Perth saw us dining at Nobu which came highly recommended by reader Fen as well as our friends. We’ve dined in Nobu previously and were familiar with its style of food. I was really worried about fine dining restaurants rejecting us because we have a baby so I was pleasantly surprised when the restaurant emailed back to confirm our reservation and to affirm us that they are baby-friendly. Phew!

We brought some bottled porridge from Singers and fed that to Bubba while we sipped our alcoholic-laced cocktails and munched our starters which were really good. Somehow the food in Nobu Perth surpassed the dining experience we had at Nobu Malibu and that of Nobu Tokyo.

IMG_8574Highlight of the meal? This juicy rib-eye which was done just right! Medium rare and best dunked with the yuzu mushroom butter sauce. Yumz!


How did our littlest fare? Well, she did manage to sit her high-chair for a good hour or so. After finishing her porridge, she was a tad bit restless so we ordered her a serving of Nashi Pear for her to munch on while we continued our meal. That kept her occupied for a bit before she protested in tears wanting to be picked up. Guess that about signaled the end of the meal for us but one that we really enjoyed.

Overall, Nobu in Perth – a lovely dining experience and if you are a foodie like us, highly recommend it! Plus point? Baby-friendly!

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