Day 2 in Perth

We started the day kinda slow. Bubba woke us up at about 7ish with her impish smiles and our little family of 3 rolled around in bed for a bit before getting up to head into the city.

IMG_8585Weather today was about 20degrees so dressed Bubba up in a light body hugging bodysuit over knit leggings and a denim skirt overall.

The last time I was in Perth was like 2 decades ago!! So completely forgotten how the place looked like. We took the morning to walk around the city for a bit and to look for food! We settled for a morning cuppa at Milk and Honey while Bubba took her morning nap. Unsure of where to eat, we decided to settle for PappaRich. I know right?! But we figured, you can’t really go wrong with that. Plus!! They had this Roti Canai Bom that I’ve been wanting to try but this is not available in Sing. Was it good? It sure was! Worth the 15minute wait in my opinion. Love the icing sugar doused with carnation milk. Talk about sinfulness!

After Bubba woke up from her nap, we loaded up on some groceries for her and put together an impromptu picnic with the intention of heading to King’s Park. Well, that didn’t really happen. We ended up taking a walk close to the Bell Tower and got confused by all the construction going on in the area.

But we managed to catch some lovely pictures before heading to the famed Blue House.

That in itself is another adventure! Will share that with pictures when we head back to Singers!

Can’t believe it’s our last day in the city tomorrow! Feels like we got more to do!! Planning to head to Harbour Town for a spot of shopping and Fremantle to soak up the weekend market vibe. Do you think it would be too adventurous to do both in a day?


3 thoughts on “Day 2 in Perth

  1. Teresa says:

    Hi! Your family trip to Perth looked like it was so much fun. Based on your experience, would like to ask if it was easy to bring your stroller around the city area and trains or using a baby carrier would be a better idea?

    • Lady J says:

      HI Teresa, I think it was relatively easy to bring our stroller around the trains and even buses. It was surprisingly baby/child-friendly and the people were so helpful as well. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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