Hello from Perth

Yeah.. We made it in one piece down under and it has been a flurry of activity since we got up this morning at 5.15am! (Flight was at 7.40am.) The Man and I thought we would get ready first before fussing over Bubba but guess who was all excited and got up the same time as we did. We definitely had our hands full then.

Thankfully, Bubba was all smiles! Refused to sit in her stroller but was super pleased to be in this Combi stroller for babies that was provided free at Changi Airport, so we decided to check in her stroller instead.

Since we are officially on holiday, we decided to let loose a little with her meal. A mini hotcake for her to munch on while we stuff our faces silly with local food. We are prob either #coolestparents for feeding our child with junk food at 10.5 months or the #bochup sort of parents depending on which school of thought you belong.

 Just before we got on the plane, Bubba fell asleep on the Man. She’s such a Daddy’s girl! We tried putting her into the bassinet the moment it was safe to do so but she just whined and the Man decided to hold her while she sleeps. Not too bad for me! I got to catch up on my movies and tv shows! Caught Mockingjay Part 1 and because almost everyone that watched the show said it was so bad, my expectations weren’t very high to begin with. So I thought the show was pretty decent. I even got to watch Glee and 2 Broke Girls! Whee!

IMG_8544And how did Bubba fare on the flight? Well, she was quite a star! Dishing out the brightest smiles to the cabin crew which resulted in us going off with a couple of freebies and to the passengers seated near us. She was curious about her surroundings and was more interested in being held so that she could fuss with the knobs and what-nots. We only managed to put her in the bassinet for a bit before she wriggled her way out and into our arms.

As for clearing on Immigration over at Perth, a couple of lessons learned. We thought we would change Bubba’s diaper first before clearing immigration for there was a lovely changing room for kids upon arrival. Big mistake! We ended up waiting quite far in the line to clear immigration and that just spiraled further – clearing customs for baggage.

In other news, it wasn’t all that bad bringing baby food into Australia which I heard can be quite painful. We had to declare to the customs officer that the baby food that we are bringing are all pre-packed and dried with no fresh meat/vegetables/produce. We got through with the verbal declaration. Phew!

Alright, gonna close my eyes for a bit and rest up before dinner. Bubba’s down for her mid-afternoon nap too so I better catch up on my 40 winks.


Stay tuned for more of our travel tales in Perth!


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