Monday blues be gone..

Kinda a short week here as we are taking off mid-week to head down to Perth for some family bonding with this little cutie here !

IMG_8046Well, can’t exactly help it! Love waking up to this face especially when she has a good night’s of rest despite waking up at night and giving us some grief but those smiles that she dishes out first thing in the morning.. totally worth it!

IMG_8048A little nervous about the trip as well. This is our third trip with her and well, every trip is different, simply because she’s still a growing child. Not sure what to expect but stay tuned as we share with you our tales (if we survive the 5-odd hour plane ride). Also, packing for the little one? Well, kinda getting the groove of the whole packing thing but this time round, as Bubba has started on solids. It’s going to be interesting what kind of curveballs she will throw us at mealtimes. I’m hoping that bread and her snacks still keep her a happy bubba!

I’m also battling a slight cold.. so hoping that it won’t hit us too hard so that we can enjoy our leisure holiday. Please, please, please…

IMG_8049Otherwise, just 1 more sleep to our fam-bam getaway!


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