Cooking porridge for Bubba

IMG_8077We’ve started Bubba on 3 meals a day when she was about 8.5 months. I guess when she went to school, her teachers were surprised that she’s not on to 3 meals. Again, I wasn’t too fussed about it because I knew for the first year, she should get bulk of her nutrients from milk and food should be secondary. Initially, I had grand plans of just letting Bubba just take cereal for dinner. Thought that cereal might be more filling and perhaps more nutritious for Bubba. Okay, truth be told, Bubba’s intake of porridge is still pretty small and having to cook that amount of porridge for tiny human just seemed like a lot of work.

IMG_8260See what I mean? When I first started making porridge for Bubba, I had to boil the stock (usually lean pork slices with carrots and broccoli) from scratch in a slow-cooker. I then throw in rice that has been chilled in the freezer overnight (apparently, it helps to cook the porridge a whole lot faster) and then wait for the slow-cooker to work its magic on the porridge. This whole process takes up to 5 hours for the porridge to turn into mush.

I haven’t been successful in estimating the portion that she eats and the few times I made this, I ended up having to eat the porridge as part of my meal. Well, not looking forward to eating porridge everyday so after a while, I turned to Petit Bowl to sort out Bubba’s meal. The small portions they offered to Bubba were perfect with different flavours to increase Bubba’s food repertoire without having to slog over the kitchen.

IMG_8259While shopping one day, I discovered this interesting device from Pigeon. Apparently, it’s a Porridge Cooking Pot! I was intrigued at the device and how it can cook the baby’s porridge in a normal rice cooker. Yay for that as we don’t have to use up another electrical device to specially cook Bubba’s porridge. I can prepare her meals using this one as my helper cooks the rice for the family. Win! It costs $29.90 and I got it at a 20% discount at Takashimaya.

Put the device to the test and it was easy to use! Like I said, Bubba’s food intake is still relatively small, so we cook about 2 tablespoons of rice in the Porridge Cooking Pot. Instead of just normal rice porridge, I often throw in other types of ingredients to make her porridge more appetising. Some of the porridge combos that I’ve done in this pot include: Butternut Squash and Codfish, Butternut Squash/ Broccoli and Codfish, Pork and Carrots, Purple Carrots and Pork, etc.

I no longer have to fret about over-estimating portions and cooking porridge using the slow-cooker. This device cuts our cooking time for porridge significantly and we are also able to adjust the quantity plus texture of the porridge easily. Mealtimes for Bubba are now a lot easier to prepare with this device. So if you are stuck in a porridge rut like me and worried about which device one should get, would really recommend this Porridge Cooking Pot from Pigeon!

One thought on “Cooking porridge for Bubba

  1. eveeleva says:

    I actually used to grind up uncooked brown rice and oats. And then cooked the grounded rice up. It would take just minutes to make porridge that way. But this sounds good too! =)

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