Letter to Sophie x 10

IMG_8093Dearest Bubba,

Setting up for these min photo-shoots are a lot harder these days now that you are zipping in and out, and can’t sit still for long.


Well, we tried.. This was the closest we could get you still enough to quickly snap these shots. Obviously, you decide that the card was a lot yummier again. Oh well, whatever it takes to get you still for the shoot.. wahaha. 🙂 Anyway, when I started to scroll back to reread some of these letters, I realised that it’s a pattern that I’m seeing for all your letters, you chomping on the cards.

IMG_8105What we’ve noticed you could do at 10 months:

  • Call out Mama and Dada while looking specifically at us. Just the other day, when Daddy came back from his run and was stretching in the garden, you called out to him while sitting on your high-chair for breakie. According to your Daddy, on evenings when I’m not around, you will call out Mama too.. I hope it’s because you miss me! hehe..
  • Your vocabulary now include : Wine (yes, your Daddy heard that!), Apple, Mum Mum (at meal-times)
  • Crawling steadily and quickly as well
  • Knows how to wave goodbye/hello and knows the action for fly-kiss and scared
  • You also love banging things together and shaking Mama’s pill box to make that rattling sound. When I ask you to ‘Shake the box!‘ You will flash your brightest smiles and chuckle in delight as you make the rattling sound.


  • You’ve also learnt how to stand up independently and can do so for a couple of seconds before falling on your cute little tush.
  • Some days, when you stand up on your own and you will proceed to clap your little hands. Too cute when I witness that happening, it’s like you are praising yourself for this little achievement.


  • You’ve also started to play a little more with Sparky. Now that you are a little bigger, you will actively look out for Sparky. He can be a little rough with you but at least you are not scared of him and unfazed when he plants a big fat kiss on your face. Your mealtimes are also his fave part of the day for he hovers around you hoping to grab your food. Gah…


  • On solids. Your teachers have shared that you are starting to eat more. You can now finish one bowl of cereal with a fruit for breakfast as well as a big portion of cooked porridge for lunch. Your milk intake is about 180ml per feed. For dinner, we are still trying out Petit Bowl’s pureed food but you don’t really enjoy soft textured foods all that much now so we mix in cooked rice and it’s fine. Your Por-Por has been helping to cook your porridge on Sundays and is really pleased that you have moved on to soft rice making her job a whole lot easier. You still don’t really like yogurt all that much. We are still trying but nope, you don’t have much love for that.
  • You now have a total of 4 teeth (2 below and 2 peeking on top).
  • On sleeping through the night? Nope.. still not sleeping through. You will wake up at least one time a night. I try to ignore your cries but most times, I instinctively pick you up and then nurse you because (a) it gives you comfort, (b) I get to sleep for a couple more minutes and (c) the neighbours get a peaceful night’s of rest as well.

Some days I wish that there are more hours in the day that I get to spend with you so don’t grow up too quickly ok?

P.S: Still haven’t decided if we want to throw you a birthday party for your big ONE.. still thinking but if we do, I just hope that I will have enough time to plan for ONE. Arh… decisions!

Love always: Mama



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