A shoot with Tomato Photo

IMG_6513We did our newborn shoot with Hart from Tomato Photo and have sung praises about his work. We are so pleased that he has managed to capture Bubba’s expressions so aptly even though she was just 7 days old and have those photos scattered around the home. I also love looking at those photos, reminiscing about just how tiny she was then and how quickly she has grown since. It’s true what they say, you cannot turn back the clock.

So when Hart reached out to us and shared that he was looking for babies around 6 – 9 months who can sit independently to do some shots with him as he had some new ideas in mind that he wanted to try. We were pretty much over the moon and said YES to this opportunity for we knew he would be able to capture those memories of Bubba in her 9 months of age beautifully for us to cherish.IMG_7534

Now, on the shoot. It was all dependent on how our little one ‘performed’ or felt during that time. I was, of course, worried that Bubba may be cranky during the shoot. Thankfully, she had a 2hr nap before that and ate most of her porridge for lunch, so she was a happy camper when we brought her to the studio.

IMG_7541The cameras started rolling. We’ve worked with Hart previously and knew his mode of operation with a newborn. But this time round, with a baby who’s more interested in crawling, exploring and whose energy is boundless, we didn’t quite know what to expect. Again, Hart put us and more importantly, the little one right at ease almost immediately.


Minimum props were used for the shoot for all the attention was on Bubba instead. In between the takes, Hart also entertained the little one who flashed her brightest smiles for us all during the shoot. Phew!

IMG_7567As this was a complimentary shoot that Hart was giving us, I thought that the only one that would be involved in the shoot was going to be Bubba. But as the camera clicked, Hart turned around and asked if we were comfortable joining Bubba for the shoot. Well, had I known, I would have slapped on more make-up for I thought I looked like a mess! Thankfully, the Man and I went in sort of coordinated colours with Bubba – white, pastel colours for the win! We wrapped up the shoot in under an hour which we felt was just right for any longer, Bubba may end up being cranky.

We’ve done photo-shoots elsewhere but we honestly love working with Hart. First of all, he’s always responsive and prompt in his replies. He takes pride in his work and the photos speak for itself for it really shows in the work that he produces. Next, he makes it so easy for us to view the photos. He sends us a link and all we need to do is to view the photos in the comfort of our home. We have been put in awkward situations on the photo-selection (ie: photog insist the photo looks great while we think otherwise). No offence to the photog. Lastly, his packages are straight-forward. You pay for what you get, no hidden costs.

I wish I can show you all the shots that Hart took for us but there are simply too many. It was so tough narrowing down to these few that we really love to share them here but I’m sure I will be sharing more of them in my other blog posts where suitable.








Thanks again Hart for thinking of us and casting Bubba in your photo-shoot. We are beyond thrilled with the photos as you have managed to capture these precious moments of joy so artfully and beautifully!


SONY DSCI wouldn’t want to label this post as a sponsored review because we responded to this casting call by Tomato Photo where a complimentary photo-shoot was given to us. I was under no obligation to write this review by Hart but I really wanted to share our experience as we have worked with him twice and on both accounts, he has really surpassed our expectations.

Do check out the mini photo-shoot that Hart has done for babies aged 6 – 11 months.

We responded to this casting call by Tomato Photo where a complimentary photo-shoot was given to us. In exchange for the session, we were offered two 5X7″ acrylic frame prints and complimentary soft copies printable to 4X6″. No monetary rewards were given. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and written according to my experience. 


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