Marriage Blooper #01

This convo took place over dinner last night where we brought Bubba to No Menu restaurant. We didn’t realise that the place isn’t exactly baby-friendly (ie: no baby chairs). Thankfully, service was good and the people genuinely went out to make us feel comfortable when they saw us pushing our pram. We were also super lucky because Bubba fell asleep and decided to take a 1hr nap while we breezed through our starters and mains. While we clinked our glasses of wine and I looked at Bubba soundly asleep in her stroller… This took place:

Me: I’m so excited! It’s going to be my first Mother’s Day!

The Man: Yay! Tell that to Sophie ok? I hope she does something nice for you!

Me: (speechless for a bit) Erm.. It will be a while before she can make me those cards you know..

The Man: oh.. I’m not supposed to do anything for you right?

Me: (speechless moment continues) ….

IMG_8171So Bubba, no.. I don’t expect that you will do anything for me this Mother’s Day but it will still be a memorable occasion for me..




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