Dressing up Bubba

I’ve gone on a shopping hiatus of late, preferring to focus my shopping on my little one instead. Things are so much cuter smaller-sized and I guess we’ve been real lucky for Bubba’s been gifted with quite a lot of pretty clothes. Some that she has barely worn and now has outgrown. They really do grow up quickly..

IMG_7487Some of my recent buys for Bubba.. Tops from Whistle and Flute and this adorable customised doll from Jo & Mink.

IMG_7424And playing dress-up is so much more fun with my pint-sized model. It’s only hard to capture goods shots of her still with my iPhone. Love these outfits that she was gifted from Nicholas and Bear.

IMG_6457Looks like she probably can squeeze in at best another wear of these outfits before I fold them up or hand them over to a friend so that it won’t go to waste. Yes, pretty outfits are meant to be shared.

IMG_7400Here’s another fave outfit of mine that I dressed Bubba up in: Baby Gap White Onesie and a blue skirt for 12months that I scored for a good deal on sale!

IMG_7933Also scored super cute hat from H&M recently. Unfortunately, the Bub was less than impressed with my mini-shoot, preferring to protest instead.




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