Back at Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

IMG_6584A super back-dated post but one that I really want to share nonetheless.

Managed to take the day off (the last of my Mondays’ off) and decided to still bring Bubba to school so that she can get used to the new surroundings and care-givers. My sis managed to have some time off as well, so we decided to head back to Fat Cat for some ice-cream and waffles! Having skipped lunch as well, we were famished! So we basically ordered more stuff to share. šŸ™‚ It’s more fun eating out when you have company..

IMG_6585Mojito Cocktail Spheres – These come in limited quantity on a daily basis so we decided to order up some as a perk-me-up for the coming week. At S$4.50 a pop, these don’t come cheap but when you pop the entire sphere into your mouth, the sharp tinge of lemon zest that explodes almost immediately after you bite the jello sphere was actually quite fun.

IMG_6589Like I said, we skipped lunch so we were HUNGRY. Besides the must-order waffles, we decided to order the Deconstructed Lemon Tart which came with a palette cleanser to cleanse our palette before this beautiful dessert platter was set in-front of us. My sis and I blinked hard for we could hardly believe that a neighbourhood dessert outlet would whip up something so fancy like this.

IMG_6594Okay, beyond this fancy dessert art, did this dessert make the mark? It does feel a bit odd eating something this fancy at a somewhat casual cafe. The entire concept of a deconstructed lemon tart served with raspberry sorbet and lemon sauce didn’t quite go hand-in-hand as well. We didn’t know where we should start and somehow the flavours fell flat. A tad bit disappointing.

IMG_6591Thankfully, the wildly and highly popular Gourmet waffle served with Thai Milk ice-cream plus salted caramel and salted egg sauce saved the day. We should have just ordered one of these waffles each to scoff down on our own instead of sharing. Hmph.. next time, I guess.

Beyond the food, this little outing was a lovely one that I spent with my little sister, reconnecting with her and sharing tales of motherhood/parenting. Such moments are rare because we are so busy with our own lives these days, so I really do cherish such moments. Thanks Marz… perhaps next time, the littlest sister can join us too!

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