Checking out: Common Man Coffee Roasters

This place has been on my radar for coffee and a nice place to have breakfast. But somehow, checking out cafes require some logistical effort with Bubba around. Having said that, she’s been quite the trooper so we really enjoy bringing her out while we check out new places so long as they have child-seats for us to park her next to us.

IMG_7869We had an early start so we packed up and headed to Common Man Coffee Roasters. At about 10ish on a weekend, it was quite packed but we were lucky to have scored a table.

IMG_7848I went with the Organic Eggs Benedict set which saw a departure from the usual ham as they used tender braised ox cheeks as the base for the meat which sounded a little strange but actually was pretty yums. I also really liked that the dish came with a hearty dose of greens which made my kinda sinful breakie feel a little less sinful if you know what I mean.

IMG_7849The Common Man Veggie Wonderland struck a chord with the Man and to be honest, it was the one that I didn’t mind ordering as well. It was healthy and hearty. Loved almost everything on the plate.

IMG_7851The thing about bringing Bubba out for breakfast with us usually meant that we will need to feed her on-the-go. If we are heading out to cafes, we usually just order some bread for her to munch on. Thankfully at Common Man Coffee Roasters, they had sourdough bread as a side order ($5 for 2 slices). So we popped that along with our order.

IMG_7853 The Man’s breakfast set came with some avocado, so I kept that aside for Bubba not sure if she would take it. I remembered that Bubba didn’t particularly love avocado. But when I fed her some of the avocado, I was surprised that she actually reached out for seconds. I guess credit also goes to her school who has been faithfully feeding her with avocado and it finally paid off!

IMG_7857Yay!! This makes it easier for us to feed her when we head down to Perth for our upcoming fam-bam holiday. 🙂

We really enjoyed our little family breakie gathering at Common Man Coffee Roasters. Food’s good, coffee’s great, ambience is pretty cool as well and given that it’s generally rather baby/kid-friendly, we will definitely like to come back again.

Common Man Coffee Roasters
Address: 22 Martin Road, #01-00, Singapore 239058

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