Checking out: Happy Willow Playground

Friends have shared that the Happy Willow Playground at the new One KM Mall was rather fun for their bubs. As Groupon was having an offer, I decided to purchase two coupons to try. Well, they had a six-visit deal but I figured that is quite a commitment to make. Then I thought if the place is really that fun, then one coupon wouldn’t be enough. So, two. Two would be just nice.

IMG_7624After lunch with the family at One KM Mall, we brought Bubba to check out the Happy Willow Playground. I’ve heard loads about different playgrounds – Fidgets, Polliwogs, Cool de Sac, etc – and how fun it is for the kids. So I actually was excited to bring Bubba for her first playground experience.

Well, the expectations kinda fell flat when we went pass the rest area. I had expected a huge, sprawling playground but instead, what stood in front of us was a kinda small playground.

The area was split into two. An area for toddlers aged between 9 months to 23 months and another area for bigger kids. The play area for the babies/ toddlers were kinda small and the toys that were scattered in the area didn’t seem to have a theme to it. There was like a play kitchen, some toy car station, scooters/walkers and then a mini ball-pit.

IMG_7625We put Bubba in for fun and she seemed to enjoy it for a bit.

IMG_7626The play area for the toddlers had these thick foam mats that provide the necessary cushioning for a young baby who has the knack of crawling and attempting to stand. Bubba played around with the toys in the area and these giant toy blocks.

About 10 minutes into playtime, the parentals and Bubba got slightly bored with the toys in the toddler area. We were about to pack up and head off home when I saw some young kiddos around Bubba’s age in the larger kids area with their parents. I then called for the Man to hold on to Bubba and attempt to that area which looked way more fun than the Toddlers area.

IMG_7634We climbed up the play garden carefully with Bubba and encouraged her to crawl and explore the different areas. The older kids area is also padded with soft play equipment, so under our watchful supervision, this area seemed more ideal for Bubba.

The Man even held on to her and went down the slide with the tiny one. Check it out!

Still have a coupon to this playground left. Not sure if we will head back there but perhaps when Bubba is slightly older and before the coupon expires in June. Let’s see how it goes then.

Do you have a fave playground/ play-gym that you would highly recommend for Bubba? Please do share them with me. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Checking out: Happy Willow Playground

  1. e says:

    Share the same sentiment as you! I was disappointed at how tiny Happy Willow is. You can try Polliwogs at Suntec, we love it!

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