Checking out: Food for Thought @ Botanic Gardens

The long weekend was perfect for catching up with Bubba’s godparents and her god-siblings. So we made a brunch-date and decided to check out the kid-friendly Food for Thought at Botanic Gardens.

I’ve been to Food for Thought previously but on weekends, I’ve heard that the place can get crazy crowded. I managed to reserve us a table (5 adults, 3 kids) over at so as to save us the trouble of being turned away should it get too crowded.

Food for Thought was chosen because I had wanted to check out their menu for tiny tots. The pancake was a highlight of the kids menu and I had hoped for Bubba to try it.

IMG_7668Unfortunately, when it was served, I was disappointed with the overall presentation. The pancake was slightly burned (how do they even expect kids to eat this burnt pancake) with too much cream and sour berries on it. This item seemed more suitable for adults and not the kids.

IMG_7669As I didn’t bring extra food for Bubba and to keep her occupied while we fill our bellies with breakfast, we cut her a small slice of the pancake; namely the corner piece that’s not tainted with the sauce; for her to munch on. A treat I guess and one that she clearly enjoyed.

Bubba’s cousins are slightly older than she is, so after they had their breakfast, they ran round the kids playground within the premises. Bubba, on the other hand, was just swinging her legs on her high-chair. Soon my little one, you will be joining your cousins..

IMG_7670PS: I have no idea what your father is trying to do to you. I was worried that he was trying to feed you to the fishes…

IMG_7673Since we had some time to kill before our next appointment, the troop decided to brave the heat and take a small walk in the park. We didn’t get very far for it was really too hot and the kids ended up being a little too cranky.

IMG_7674We did try to get a group shot of the kiddos but like what my cousin said, this was mission impossible and indeed it was.

IMG_7675This was by far the closest shot we got of them before Bubba tried to crawl towards me on the hot ground. I panicked, of course, and rushed to grab her.. didn’t want her to scrap her tiny knees.

This made for an interesting day in the park. We’ll be back one day again to enjoy the beauty of the Botanic Gardens. Perhaps this time round, we will come back in the late evening and hope that there’s a nice breeze to accompany us on the walk.


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