Shopping for a new car-seat

IMG_2385We been struggling for a while.. putting Bubba in her Maxi-Cosi car-seat which we have used since she was an infant. It served its purpose for a good 6 to 7 months. Then after that, she just hated to be in the car-seat. She would scream murder whenever we put her inside and those screams send shivers down my spine when I’m in the driver’s seat for I’m helpless and she would just scream her way home depending on the length of the journey.

IMG_3689So when Bubba was about 7 months odd, we did toy with the idea of getting a new car-seat. One that’s front-facing so that she could see us properly instead of staring at the backseat which we highly suspected was the cause of all her cries. IMG_3690We headed to Takashimaya to try out the car-seats available on display. The Peg Perego car-seat was one of the car-seats that we had shortlisted. We are aesthetically driven people, so we loved the sporty black and red combo. Besides the aesthetics of the car-seat, the Man was also concerned about the safety of the car-seat and of course, the ease of installation. IMG_3691Our little model seemed to enjoy the front-facing car-seat as well. She was all smiles and for once, didn’t protest in anger. IMG_3692Car-seats are expensive and upgrading to this set was going to set us back by close to 400 bucks. So this time round, we decided to be a little more conservative and shop around for a bit instead of forking out the sum immediately.

IMG_3698We even made a trip down to the Baby Hypermart just to check out more models and hopefully a bargain. But it turned out that the pricing for the car-seats remain rather competitive and the discounts were not all that attractive. On top of that, the salesperson who served us did share that since Bubba has not hit the ideal weight of 11-13kg for her to move on to the front-facing car-seat, so we are better off with a model that either served the dual function (rear-facing and then moving on to front-facing) or just stick with our infant car-seat till she outgrows that when she hits the recommended weight.

IMG_7345So Baby Cool here had to still stick in her car-seat and poor Mama over here had to endure her screams when she has one of those ‘off-days’.

IMG_7680Last weekend, we were out shopping at Takashimaya and went to check out the car-seats on display again. This time round, this Maxi-Cosi car-seat caught the Man’s eye. We were initially worried about the weight limit and that she wouldn’t be able to meet the requirement of front-facing, but the sales person shared that since Bubba is almost 10 months, she would certainly prefer the front-facing car-seat. She assured us that the model that we are looking to get would fit our requirements.

IMG_7695We decided to go with this all black combo for her new car-seat that hopefully will last us a good couple of years. Didn’t want a too girly car-seat this time round. Now, let’s see what our little resident model has to say about her new car-seat?

IMG_7697Turned out, she does like it. Let’s see how she will fare when I’m in the driver’s seat. Fingers crossed for Mama here.


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