Water play

Who’s having the worse case of Sunday blues after the long Easter weekend? I know I am… Next week is going to be a killer work week for me.. but then there’s always the weekend to look forward to. So I am going to ‘suck’ it up and embrace the work week ahead.

For now, I shall just look at my photo feeds and just enjoy what took place over the weekend with Bubba. The weather was pretty good on Saturday morning, so before we headed out for brunch, we decided to let Bubba indulge in a little water play with this ring pool that I bought on sale from Early Learning Centre. IMG_7645Guess who wanted to join in the fun as well? Sparky was hovering around Bubba’s petite pool, wanting to get in on the action, but we kinda stopped him because he probably would have her pool capsized. IMG_7690Look who’s having a whale of a time in her ring pool with her bath toys? Super love the Munchkin bath toy that Bubba’s Godma has gifted her. It creates a little water fountain in the tub and after the initial shock of water splashing in her face, Bubba actually enjoys playing with the little toy.


Here’s a video of Bubba in the little pool that I managed to capture. As with all parents, I’m biased and think she’s such a cutie in this vid. Hehe..

IMG_7662Fast forward to the weekend where we can have more fun like this please.

Oh and we probably exhausted Bubba this weekend for she’s down with the sniffles. Boo 😦 So we are putting her at home to rest instead of sending her to school to play with her friends tomorrow.


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