Checking out: Grub Noodle Bar

Finally checked out Grub Noodle Bar one afternoon with my colleagues (the young ‘ones as I would like to affectionately call them). I was really excited about heading there for loads of pictures flooded my Instagram feed when Grub Noodle Bar first opened. But the opening hours are only in the evening from 7pm to 12, so I was really pleased to learn that they are now open for lunch on weekdays.

What you need to know about the lunch menu. It’s slightly limited compared to their dinner offerings. I had wanted to try the popular Hokkaido Scallop Tataki but that was only available for dinner. Well, we tried our luck and they did whip out a platter of this for us to sample.

IMG_6096Verdict? Of the 3 appetisers that we ordered, I think this one stood out in terms of taste and flavour. The Vermicelli Salad with Prawns and Mid-wings were enjoyable but nothing out of the ordinary.

IMG_6097 IMG_6098Now on to the mains… I don’t know how we managed to eat so much, but we felt greedy enough to each order a bowl of noodles. Definitely over-ate… So here’s what we ordered..

IMG_6102 Beef noodles soup – egg noodles with beef brisket served up in home-made beef broth. The broth was flavourful but I felt that the beef slices were over-cooked.

IMG_6103Pork noodles that reminded me more of Dan Dan noodles. Noodles were rather crunchy to the bite. Ingredients that accompanied the noodles were rather generous if I may add.

IMG_6104I’ve heard that the Assam Laksa is also one of their more popular items on the menu, so was highly anticipating for the gravy to have some kind of oomph-tastic kick. It kinda fell short compared to the ones that I had in Penang of course.

We were too stuffed from all that we ordered and had to skip the desserts. I guess, if we had shared just 1 starter, we could have sufficient space to try their famed Chendol dessert. Oh well…

Lunch at Grub Noodle Bar was less than stellar compared to the many positive compliments I’ve heard about the place on their dinner service. Don’t know if it might be worth our while to head down again for dinner one day.


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