ONEsie Smash Cake Kit

This is one collaboration that I’m really pleased to share!

Having known Mama Libby over at The Little Bow Girl, I became a firm supporter of all the pretty things that she curates for baby girls over The Little Bow Company. I fell head-over-heels with those pretty bows, cute binky, adorable bibs and eventually, the apparel.

I decided to reach out to her to see if she would be interested in a little idea that I had and she did! As our little girls are turning ONE this year, I decided to come up with this lovely ONEsie to commemorate the occasion. One thing led to another during our fun Mama-Bubba-Sophie Rose play-date and before we knew it, we decided to put together a Cake Smash Kit (aka smash cake) for our little ones.

IMG_6548IMG_6547(Photos courtesy of The Little Bow Company)

We all know that turning ONE is a big milestone for our little babies, so to make things easier for Mamas out there, this Cake Smash Kit has basically everything you will need to make your little one’s birthday a memorable one with minimal fuss (we sort the outfit, the cake for baby as well as bunting for ya). 🙂

In the kit, you will receive recipes for a healthy, sugar-free smash cake with cream cheese frosting, an adorable ONEsie designed by yours truly, DIY bunting to personalise your smash cake and a discount voucher for a photography package.

IMG_7486Here’s The Little Bow Company‘s resident model – Sophie Rose showing off what’s in the kit (knitted crown not included in the kit). Isn’t she adorable? And the recipe that I was telling you about? Tried-and-tested! Mama Libby baked up a storm for Sophie Rose’s birthday party and doesn’t the cake look just amazing? I wonder if I would be able to summon enough energy to whip this up when it’s my turn.

IMG_6492Bubba was also invited to be part of the cake smashing ceremony with the little birthday girl. It was actually kinda funny when I unleashed Bubba to join her little playmate in the ceremonial cake smash. She didn’t know what to do and gazed at Sophie Rose for cues instead.

IMG_6493Well, she eventually got the idea, then 3 became a crowd and a riot as the kiddos surrounded the cake and started tapping on the top of the cake happily. And what did the adults do? Oh, we just gathered around and laughed at their actions for they were really too cute!

If you wish to get your hands on this ONEsie Cake Smash Kit (S$25), do hop on down to The Little Bow Company. Hurry though as we have limited stocks for this kit. The ONEsie inside the Cake Smash Kit is great for little boys or girls as they come in white, blue, black and pink, so take your pick! 🙂


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