23.03.2015: Goodbye Mr Lee

A day forever etched in the hearts of many Singaporeans.

Today, a  great man, a visionary beyond his time and a loyal leader who fiercely protected our tiny dot has passed on. He passed on silently in the wee hours of the morning when many of us were asleep.  As the sun shone upon our city, we (myself included) were saddened to learn of this news.

We knew the day was going to come but perhaps like many others, I had hoped that he could make to our National Day, to see him at the new National Stadium as he walks out of his car and wave at the cheering crowds. He was synonymous with the National Day celebrations just like reciting of our pledge and the fireworks. I had hoped that he would feel better soon but unfortunately, his illness took for a better turn. I just did not expect his passing to hit me that hard.

As I watched the Prime Minister address the news of the passing of his beloved father on television and tears started flowing. This is the man whose father had passed on but yet, he had to hold back his tears to deliver this message to Singaporeans.

I took leave today to run an errand and the Man had wanted to spend the day with Bubba before his work trip. When we found out that condolence boards are made available at the Istana, we decided to make a trip down to pen down our tribute to this remarkable leader.

IMG_7187Tears flowed as we stood at the boards behind the gates and seeing the rest of the messages that has yet to fill the board. We brought Bubba who was obviously clueless about what was going on but we held her and told her that today, our country lost a great man, one that you will only learn in your textbooks in years to come. A tale that we will share when you are much older. A man that we can only be thankful for the country that he and our forefathers have built. Things that we often take for granted – our security, racial harmony, education and bilingualism – we have all of this because this man fought so hard for it and made it happen.

IMG_7214Our nation mourns for the loss of this great man but let’s not forget to celebrate his spirit and keep that alive. Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew for your vision, your selfless sacrifice and your lifetime of contributions to Singapore. It’s time to join your wife in heaven, rest in peace…

1923 – 2015 : Mr Lee Kuan Yew


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