Letter to Sophie X 9

IMG_7099Dear Bubba,

I’m kinda late this month in doing this because work has piled up and our weekends are packed with activities at time. Plus, I hadn’t had time to schedule a mini shoot for you with the baby milestone card (I gave up on the monthly stickers) because in my head, I had no inspiration. But last weekend, when you refused to go down on your late afternoon nap and instead was bent on crawling and babbling, I had the sudden inspiration to play dress-up with you. Pulled out this superbly cute ‘Emma Sunsuit’ in our fave Secret Garden print from the Little Bow Company and quickly whipped up this mini-shoot for you.

IMG_7108Some days I still can’t believe how quickly time has just passed us by and you are no longer my teeny, tiny baby but almost a little toddler (just shy of 3 more months to your big 1).

At 9 months, you are this burst of sunshine and just so wonderful to be around! Your smiles are cheeky and wide, you start to assert your discontent by screaming and you have boundless of energy – crawling so much quicker these days. Poor Mummy here can hardly keep up! Thank goodness Daddy is super athletic and can’t wait to bring you on outdoor adventures.


Just a quick summary this month on your developmental milestones:

  • Elevated from novice crawler to an advanced crawler with confidence
  • Able to stand up on your own with assistance from either adults or by holding to stationary objects (like tables/ cupboards)
  • You babble more these days and your vocabulary has definitely increased. Words that you can now say include : Dada, Papa, Ah Tic Ku (no idea what that is), Ah Zak (we suspect you are calling your fave cousin). I’m still waiting for you to call MAMA… still waiting…
  • On imitation, you love blowing raspberry kisses on my belly and this always makes me chuckle out loud when we roll around in bed just before your bedtime
  • Separation anxiety has set in… you now start to recognise people and have become a little wary of who gets to carry you. That said, your facial recognition skills are certainly stronger and you know who to look out for when we ask you ‘Where is Sparky?’ and you start to turn and look for him. Just how cute is that!


  • According to your Daddy, you now have 2 teeth with your 3rd one peeking out soon.
  • Since you now go to Infant Care, you now have 3 full meals a day with a mid-day afternoon snack. You are slowly taking a liking to porridge and the past couple of evenings, you managed to finish all your porridge/ Petit Bowl puree plus a fruit thereafter. 9 months growth spurt?
  • When placed in your high-chair during meal-times, you make it known to us that you enjoy what you are eating by kicking your legs up in joy. If you had enough, you would shake your little hand to signal that you no longer wish to eat anymore. If I choose to ignore that signal, then you will proceed to scream in dismay and just turn your head away when I try to stuff more food down your throat.


  • You recently learned how to clap your hands and it thrills us to bits when we ask you to clap your tiny little hands and you oblige with a big smile! 🙂
  • Oh and you also understand how to wave your little hand when we say bye-bye to you.
  • As for sleeping through the night? Nope, not quite there yet. You are still waking up at least once in the night (highly suspect it’s for comfort) even though we give you a full feed close to midnight.

IMG_7114We really count our blessings that you are in our lives – our little sparkle of joy!

IMG_7180And just like that, 9 months have passed.. that’s the same amount of time, you have spent inside Camp Womb where I have nourished and protected you fiercely and now in this big, huge world where we will continue to nurture and protect you to the best of our abilities.

Love you always : Mummy xoxo


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