Italiano so delightful at Etna

IMG_7065 Finished a work-do and headed home to be with Bubba and the Man for lunch. Headed out to Etna for a lovely lunch with Bubba in tow. At 9 months, she’s at a age where it’s pretty fun to bring out. She can’t eat much of the food that we eat but as long as there’s bread, that can keep her pretty occupied for a bit before she starts to scream. I started to bring out a book as well so she can play with it for a bit if she gets bored of eating her food.

IMG_7068The best company for lunch! The Man, Bubba, the vino and a lovely plate of divine Burrata Cheese to kick-start the lunch. The menu at Etna has undergone a revamp a couple of months back. We used to love coming here but stopped for a bit. After a recent meal encounter with the Man’s friends at Etna, we rekindled our interest back at the restaurant and decided to revisit. Well, must add, the lunch was truly pretty memorable and looks like we will be back for more. For the food and because Bubba charmed the socks off the servers there as well.

IMG_7069The home-made tagliatelle pasta with the winter truffle was a special for the day that didn’t need any hesitation for both the Man and me to agree in unison to include that into our order. We totally loved this dish! Would definitely order again! Totally yums!IMG_7070We also shared a rib-eye steak that was done just nice.. medium rare! Lunch was a winner with all these dishes and best part, pretty close to where we live.

IMG_7071And the Man had to take a pic of this.. don’t worry, Bubba didn’t have any wine! He just let her inhale his glass of wine.

We need more weekends like these please!


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