Trying out papaya and melon

At 9 months, Bubba is not quite the adventurous eater when it comes to having proper meals. She spits out her porridge when she has had enough and that usually is like 2 spoonfuls of the puree or whatever I’m feeding. We then plonk her in her high chair so that she can watch the rest of us finish our dinner instead of carrying her away. We want to start training early that mealtimes are eaten together and she has to wait for us to finish our meals before we carry her away. Training has just started so let’s see how we far we go on that.

To keep the little one duly occupied while we have our dinner in peace, I’ve gone on to give her some snacks after her meal. But upon some advice from my sister, we are moving away from that approach as that may give her the signal that she can snack without having her dinner. And my gal? She sure loves her snacks!

We have our very own papaya tree and the fruit was ripe for the picking, so we gave Bubba a slice of the papaya for her to try / play around with.



Loved it and happily gummed at the fruit before it got too slippery for her little fingers and plopped on to the floor it went. Guess who was the happy recipient of the fallen fruit?

Some fun facts about introducing papaya to your babies:

  • Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that breaks down protein and so boosts the digestion, as well as improving indigestion. It is rich in vitamin C and betacarotene. 75g (3 oz) of papaya will provide a young child’s daily requirement of vitamin C. Papaya is also high in soluble fibre which is important for normal bowel function and an ideal ingredient for baby food recipes.

[Source: Annabel Karmel]

We did introduce Papaya puree to Bubba when she was about 7 months but her mouth was shut tight when I tried force-feeding her with the papaya puree. Looks like v2.0 of introducing Papaya in a sliced form where she can hold the fruit and slowly explore with putting it into her mouth when she wants it is a much better way. Yay to some form of baby-led weaning.


Just the other night, we introduced Bubba to another fruit – melon (Cantaloupe). She had it before at the JG Playgroup and according to the Man, loved it. This time round, as the fruit was chilled, she took a bite, gave a face and then happily chomped on the fruit further. She’s learned a new trick, if she enjoys the food she’s eating, she will start to kick her legs in joy while seated in her high-chair. I guess that’s a good sign!

IMG_6962 Melons (or cantaloupes) are a good fruit to introduce to your baby as it’s not only soft on the palate but it also tastes sweet and juicy. That’s not all, the fruit does pack quite the vitamin and bera carotene punch which helps with the proper development of your baby’s eyes. So don’t wait too long to give them the melon into their diet as the first year is the one where they reap most benefits from their overall development.

IMG_6964As to when should one introduce melons into the baby’s diet? Some articles that I searched online suggested 8 months and above as a general guideline.

IMG_6963Just look at how happy Bubba is with her fruit… this gleeful pic of her definitely brings a smile to my face! Am feeling a little under the weather and have been on medical leave for the past 2 days, have also distanced myself from Bubba for a bit for fear of spreading the cold to her. Just want to get better so I can shower her with kisses and endless hugs..


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